Muslims attack Jews at University of Melbourne

Sunday, 29 May 2011 16:38 Cassandra Jihad - War-Violence

An article in the Australian Jewish News (27 May 2011) – Uni Party Turns Ugly by Naomi Levin, caught my eye:

A police report has been filed following an allegedly violent incident during the Australasian Union of Jewish Students’ (AUJS) Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) celebrations.

The lunchtime party, held on University of Melbourne grounds, turned ugly when an individual used wirecutters to vandalise a stereo playing Israeli music. He is then alleged to have struck an AUJS member, injuring him with the wirecutters.

Both police and security were present at the event and two individuals were reportedly removed from the scene.

… the AUJS event consisted of music and dancing on the university lawns and could not have been misconstrued as a political rally.

AUJS leaders and Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) president John Searle have called on the police to lay charges relating to the individual’s alleged possession of a weapon, vandalism and assault.

The University of Melbourne counter-rally was organized by two groups – Students for Palestine, and the Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY). A flyer posted across Melbourne encouraged students to “rally against Zionists’ apartheid celebrations.”

AUJS, which is affiliated with the Student Union, had permission to hold its event. A student union representative confirmed that neither Students for Palestine nor FAMSY are affiliates of the university.

According to Lazarus, AUJS will request answers as to how the counter-rally was permitted at all. He said the Jewish student group had always had a good relationship with security representatives on campus and was disappointed the situation got out of hand. “We think we took all the right precautions.” Searle agreed and said he would not be encouraging AUJS to lie low in the future.
“What AUJS was doing was a quiet, peaceful celebration. They ought not to feel scared to express their passion for being Jewish and being Zionist.”

Odd, but I could not find this reported by any other media outlet.

Is it because attacks on Jews are unimportant? Or was the reluctance to report it because it puts Muslims in a bad light? Whatever the reason, both the incident itself and the reluctance to mention it, are concerning.

Generally the Jewish leadership has ignored the vitriolic and racist BDS and Israel Apartheid movements, arguing that reacting would simply “give them oxygen”. So it was refreshing to hear Searle saying he would not encourage AUJS to lie low in future.

In a free and democratic country, students should be able to celebrate their culture without harassment. The university must ensure this sort of incident does not happen again, and the police must press charges against the perpetrators.

To read more about FAMSY, read THIS DOCUMENT

Manifestations of hatred and demonization of Israel and Jews have been increasing:

CONCERN is rising in the Jewish community over increasingly violent anti-Israel protests in Melbourne.
Earlier this month, around 100 protesters marched through Melbourne’s CBD targeting Jericho cosmetics stores and Max Brenner cafes. It was part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, being pushed by pro-Palestinian groups.
Jewish artist Jane Korman… said the protesters – who she described as Anglo-Saxon and mostly university aged – were “quite abusive”.

JCCV president John Searle called on the police to stamp down harder on aggressive protesters. “There should not be blatant breaches of laws that are overlooked by the police or flagrantly ignored by the police.” (source)

In other countries, displays of violence against Jews are common:

An Israeli student at the University of Genoa, Italy, was harassed and threatened by Palestinian students, only to be ignored by the police.
Assaf, a 26-year-old Israeli architecture student, was eating at the cafeteria when Ibrahim Haji, a student from Gaza, came and began taunting him.
"He came towards me, punched me and said 'why are you looking at me?' I told him I wasn't looking at him, and asked him to let me eat in peace. A minute later he was back, swinging a fork, and called me in front of everyone to come outside while cursing Israel and declaring his intention to kill.
I understood that I have to avoid this dangerous situation. I told my Italian friends, who were eating with me, that I'm going back to my room so as not to respond to this provocation. On my way out I turned to the cashier and told her, 'Call the police. You heard the man threatening to kill,' and she responded, 'It's not my job to separate Jews and Arabs.'"
Assaf's attempt to distance himself from the fight failed. Ibrahim waited for him outside and went for the attack. As Assaf tried to defend himself, Italian passersby stepped in to intervene and held him back. Ibrahim took the opportunity to draw a large kitchen knife. The Italian students tried to stop him.
"I saw death in front of my eyes. I broke free and ran into the storage in the kitchen and locked myself in. After a few minutes more Muslim students arrived and began shouting 'Allahu Akbar' (God is great) and 'Itbach el Yahud' (slaughter the Jews). Later I understood that there are over 40 angry students there.
The Italians disappeared; they were scared to deal with them.

Assaf said that he went to the police but was ignored, until he turned to the community rabbi and additional Jewish families for assistance. "We filed an official complaint with the police" said Chaim Amar, a 28-year-old medical student who serves as a security officer at the local synagogue. "Unfortunately, nothing came of it so far."
According to Amar, the police are familiar with Haji from previous violent incidents. It wasn't his first time threatening the life of an Israeli student, and he reportedly harasses female Israeli students regularly.

For Assaf, life has yet to return to normal. "Only one lone Italian student came up to me and said that he was willing to testify to the police about what happened. All the rest - even the guy who shares my dorm room and witnessed the incident - saw everything but are afraid to be associated in the case." (source)

Tragic that, because of Islam’s barbarity, the authorities just look away. But one brave student is finally standing up to the intimidation:

On March 5, 2010, Jessica Felber, a twenty year old Jewish student at Berkeley, was attacked and injured on campus because of her Jewish ancestry and religious affiliation. At the time she was holding a sign stating “Israel wants Peace.” Her assailant, Husam Zakharia, also a UC Berkeley student, was the leader of Students for Justice in Palestine (“SJP”) at Berkeley.

Defendants were fully aware that Zakharia, the SJP and similar student groups had been involved in other incidents on campus to incite violence against and intimidate Jewish and other students. Nevertheless, in clear dereliction of their legal responsibilities, Defendants took no reasonable steps to protect Ms. Felber and others.

The Complaint charges that the assault was the result of the university having: (1) fostered and encouraged campus terrorist incitements by the SJP and the MSA) ; (2) turned a blind eye to the perpetrators of illegal activities; (3) failed to effectively discipline the MSA and SJP for their pro-terrorist programs, goals and conduct; despite having ample notice that such violence was foreseeable; and (4) failed to provide adequate security to prevent the violence, harassment and intimidation which occurred.

Ignoring complaints from students about the poisonous climate on campus, defendants condoned, allowed and enabled groups such as the MSA and the SJP to threaten, harass and intimidate Jewish students and to endanger their health and safety. Their tolerance of the growing cancer of a dangerous anti-Semitic climate on its campuses, and their failure to take adequate measures to quell it, violated the rights of Ms. Felber’s and other students to enjoy a peaceful campus environment free from threats and intimidation.

As the Complaint reminds us, the on-campus activities of the SJP and MSA … and the university’s failure to confront them – present a disturbing echo of the darkest period in history: the incitement, intimidation, harassment and violence carried out under the Nazi regime and those of its allies in Europe against Jewish students and scholars in the leading universities of those countries during the turbulent years leading up to and including the Holocaust.

There is a genuine fear by Ms. Felber and other students of Jewish ancestry on campuses throughout the University of California system that the tragic lessons of history have not yet been learned by these defendants. They fear that the University of California campuses are no longer places of hope and dignity, of academic and personal freedom, or of peaceful life and personal safety. (source)

About time someone stood up to the violent bullies, Marxist and Islamic!

They should be prosecuted and those in authority who turn a blind eye, despite repeated complaints, must be held legally accountable. We must use Lawfare to ensure the rule of law is upheld.

Last year, Deborah Stone (yes, she who supported the Alma Road Islamic Prayer Group!) and Daniel Goodhardt wrote: Anti-Semitism rife in Victorian Universities:

The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) invited Jewish students in Victoria to fill in a questionnaire about their on-campus experiences. 68% reported experiencing or witnessing some form of antisemitism. Written material, such as posters and signs, were the most common form, followed by verbal attack and prejudice.
Students reported more widespread antisemitism at La Trobe University than at Deakin, Melbourne or Monash..

Most students made no distinction between traditional antisemitism and anti-Zionism. There was a strong crossover between abuse of Israel and abuse of Jewish symbols and individuals. Swastikas and antisemitic graffiti are used by a range of groups to attack Jews and Israel. The questionnaire also uncovered cases of faculty members using their positions to launch polemics against Israel or make antisemitic statements in ways which intimidated Jewish students.

These results indicate a disturbing number of cases of antisemitism on campus in Victoria, creating a campus environment that is uncomfortable and sometimes intimidating for Jewish students.
Most of the antisemitism was linked to attacks on Israel with cases of Jewish students being abused as “terrorists” or “racists”, Jewish symbols being distorted into swastikas and lectures being interrupted by activists screaming “Jews are murderers”.

There were also cases of students being told not to vote for a student candidate because he was Jewish, of a religious Jew abused for wearing a skullcap and of a student who said she was marked down after a lecturer found out she was Jewish.
All of the La Trobe Jewish students who responded to the survey said they had experienced or witnessed antisemitism and 85 per cent considered antisemitism a problem at the university. Most of the La Trobe students said either they or their friends sometimes hide the fact that they are Jewish to avoid abuse.

So why does Deborah support an Islamist group in a Jewish area?

How come she can’t connect the dots!

We must no longer stay silent while attacks on Jews are happening before our eyes.

Because if we do, not only will we be complicit in barbarity, but we will be hastening the time when the aggressors will come for us. As Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, said on International Holocaust Remembrance Day this year:

“It is not only a threat against us, because it always begins with the Jews but never ends with the Jews. The hatred of Jews kindles an overall fire, and I expect that on this day, when I applaud the world for marking the most heinous crime in world history and the history of our people which was perpetrated against our people - I hope others will also learn the lesson. We already have.
I expect the world to learn the lesson and start fighting in words and in deeds against the new anti-Semitism. That is what I expect and I am certain, my friends, that you expect the same.”