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As part of the increasing Islamization of Australia we are now witnessing the growing presence ofHalal Logo Halal food in our lives. Muslims are required to consume only food that has been prepared according to their laws. In particular, this starts at the slaughter house where the animal has its throat cut without any stunning that is normal practise in a humane society. This method of slaughter immediately raises the issue of animal rights, but you may also notice how silent the animal rights societies have been about this barbaric and cruel technique. Major retailers like Coles and Woolworths don’t advertise about Halal and it is left to the consumer to read the fine print. Try selecting a yoghurt off the shelf, and notice how many record the word “HALAL” in small print on the side of the packaging.

Stealth Jihad is thriving in the Food industry with kindergartens switching to Halal food and removing pork products from the menu, and how many primary and secondary schools serve up Halal food to unsuspecting students? Halal restaurants, eateries and fast food outlets are springing up before our eyes, and this with a Muslim population in Australia of only 2%. The world Halal food market is estimated to be about $632 billion, with Internationals like Nestle and KFC being dominant players.

In this article then we shall investigate key aspects of the Food Supply Chain and ascertain how extensive the infiltration of Halal food has become in our lives.

So what do we mean by Halal?
A new website created for Australia and New Zealand and called halal.com.au explains it this way:

“For food to be halal, it should either not be outright haram or it should not have additives that are haram. Sometimes “gelatine” is added to processed yogurt. While yogurt itself is perfectly halal, “gelatine” may make it haram, when we know that “gelatine” is made from pork and other animal leftovers.
Although, all foods are halal in all five general food groups, animal meat is a special case. Meat is generically halal meaning that the consumption of meat is not absolutely prohibited, but it needs to fulfil two simple criteria to be consumable by Muslims.
Firstly, the meat of all animals may be eaten with the exception of dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that on which any other name has been invoked besides that of God. But if one is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, then he is guiltless. For God is Oft-forgiving Most Merciful.” (Qur’an, 2:173)”.

Call me pedantic at this point but I object to the word “God” as they really mean “Allah” and you don’t need to be too bright to realise that Allah is NOT God but rather Satan to Jews and Christians.

What is HALAL Certification?
To be able to claim a food as being Halal it must be certified by a recognized body. There are at least 15 organizations in Australia that can certify a business as being Halal, including the following:


The basic certification process has five steps, depending upon the certifying body;

  1. Application - filled out by the business and includes examples of reports, procedures, schedules and other supporting documents
  2. Submission - The Committee of the certifying body reviews the application and supporting documentationHalal Biscuits
  3. Processing - there is an on site audit to determine if all Halal requirements are being met consistently. Approval or disapproval of the application is based on the results.

  4.  Certification - Once approved, the certifying body issues a Halal Certificate to the business, which is usually valid for one to two years. The Certificate and use of the approved logo / symbol demonstrates that the food / service is suitable for Muslims. 

 5. Post certification - any changes to the business’s processes and ingredients must be advised to the certifying body. The renewal application must be sent to the body at least two - three months before the Certificate expiry to ensure that it can continue.

The HALAL Food Supply Chain
For the purpose of this article we shall consider some of the important links in this Supply Chain. These are: Halal Bread

  1. Farmer to Abattoir
  2. Wholesale processors; meat and poultry butchers
  3. Retailers; Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA
  4. Restaurants, eateries and Fast Food.

Farmer to Abattoir
We now have in Australia 123 Abattoirs that are certified to Halal requirements serving over 2,700 butchers who then sell Halal meats to the public. Normally, an animal is first killed by “bolt impact” which penetrates the brain killing the animal before its throat is cut. Abattoirs in Australia are using “Percussion stunning” for Halal slaughter which involves an electrical impulse to stun the animal before its throat is cut. Prayers to Allah must be offered up at this time. However some Victorian slaughterhouses are not stunning. Certain abattoirs in Victoria received special dispensation to avoid the State regulations and eliminate stunning from the slaughter of animals.

Reported by The Age on 4th August 2007:

RELIGIOUS ritual slaughter at federal and state abattoirs will immediately be reviewed, the Federal Government has announced.
The review follows revelations in The Age that a Warrnambool abattoir was cutting the throats of sheep and allowing them to bleed to death while still conscious. The sheep are exported to the Middle East.

The names of three Victorian domestic abattoirs conducting ritual slaughter without any form of electrical stunning were also revealed yesterday.
Hardwick's Meat Works of Kyneton and G. A. Gathercole of Carrum were given special approval from the state's regulatory body, PrimeSafe, to kill sheep and cattle without any form of stunning. MC Herd at Geelong has approval to kill sheep without stunning.
Federal Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran said the review would include federal and state-regulated abattoirs. "Until the review is completed, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service will not issue any new approvals for ritual slaughter without stunning," he said.
The RSPCA believes slaughter without stunning breaches the state's animal cruelty laws. Religious ritual slaughter for both halal and kosher meat requires livestock to be killed by a cut to the throat.
Most Australian abattoirs electrically stun the animals either immediately before or after the throat is cut.”

Read the full article (here)

So we know that at least these three Victorian Meat Processors were bypassing State legislation.

  1. Hardwick’s Meat Works of Kyneton
  2. G.A. Gathercole of Carrum
  3. MC Herd of Geelong.

At least the RSPCA did raise this issue with the Victorian Government, but to no avail.

Our New Zealand neighbours are actually showing us the way forward. Reported on 14th November 2009, Blue Sky Meats has abandoned its Halal slaughter and improved its business. It saved costs by dropping the Halal processes and also picked up more business from farmers who did not want their animals slaughtered by this barbaric method. Blue Sky Meats operates a processing plant at Morton Mains, for lamb, sheep, bobby calves and goats. Chairman Graham Cooney said  related costs, including the hiring of halal slaughtermen, made it uneconomical and the practice stopped in the late 1980s.

While the decision might have closed off potential markets, it brought in new business with several Christian farmers from the province choosing to supply them.

"A number of farmers decided they would support Blue Sky for that reason. It is a group, it's not massive, but it is noticeable."

Most farmers were not concerned about how their stock was killed and processed, or where the meat was exported.

But there was a "small minority of farmers" with strong Christian views who did not want meat killed according to Islamic Sharia law. Read the full article (here).

Why do we allow this?
At this point we could show a video of the Halal slaughter method, but we want to take a different angle here, by showing that in the Islamic Middle East, the actual slaughter is the most HUMANE part of the process for the animal. And you wonder why they treat their women so badly?

The great Islamic philosopher Averroes from Spain declared that “women are the domestic animals of Islam”. Watch this video to see how Muslims treat their domestic animals.

         Treatment of Livestock from Australia

After watching this video, please ask yourself this question:"Would these Mid East muslims treat us infidels any better than our sheep?"


And in an interesting twist, some common sense from a Muslim country. Reported on 2nd November 2009:

THE King of Jordan's sister has appealed to the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to stop the ritual slaughter of conscious animals for halal meat in Australia, saying it was not necessary under Islamic principles.

Princess Alia bint al-Hussein of Jordan, who is the sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan, said she had written to Mr Rudd saying that any lowering of animal welfare standards in Australia for religious reasons would be a blow to the country's reputation and undermine progress in the Middle East.
"Contrary to some claims, killing without stunning is not necessary under Islamic principles," she said

It is unlikely our PM will act on this when he is so intent on saddling Australia with the greatest financial burden ever in the Emission Trading Scheme. Blaming man-made Carbon Dioxide for Global Warming is a bit like blaming Mohammed’s camel for the beheading of the Banu Quraysah Jews.

Wholesale Processors; Meat and Poultry Butchers
Currently, there are 123 Halal-certified abattoirs in Australia that could slaughter livestock to meet these requirements. For Halal Butchers in Australia, click here and select your State or City (Halal Butchers).
A quick analysis indicates the number of Butchers supplying Halal meat available today.

NSW (over 1000), VIC (610), QLD (556),S.A. (194), W.A. (214), TAS (62, NT (12) and ACT (6).
So currently there are about 2,700 butchers in Australia serving up Halal meat.
Butchers and Smallgoods shops can also be located from the popular Halal  Food Guide website. (Halal Food Guide)

Butchers will normally sell both Halal and non-Halal meat with Halal meat labelled with the Halal certificate.
One proud butcher told me that he displays his grain fed pork beside the Halal beef and lamb.

Retailers; Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA                    
We decided to select four of the major retailers and pose the following questions:

  1. How many Halal products do you stock?
  2. Do you purchase Halal meat and poultry and are they identified as such?
  3. What is your policy on stocking Halal products?
  4. Are you looking to expand the range of Halal products?

To investigate this, we decided on a two-fold approach.
The questions were sent to the Head Office for each of the retailers, and then we conducted a phone interview of some local stores to check if they differ from Head Office policy.
None of the websites even mention the word “Halal” and it does not appear in a site search.
Coles Head Office did provide an Excel Spreadsheet with 195 Halal stock lines covering dairy, flours, honey and deli vegetable products.
The local stores we contacted told us that “we do stock some Halal products, but I don’t have a listing”.

Swiss food giant Nestlé is a pioneer in the field. It set up its halal committee way back in the 1980s, and has long had facilities to keep its halal and non-halal products separated. Turnover in halal products was $3.6 billion last year, and 75 of the company's 456 factories are geared for halal production.

Is this the Future for Woolworths?
The UK and Ireland have their Tesco, France has its Carrefour and Australia has Woolworths.
At the Carrefour in neighbouring Kuala Lumpur it is overwhelmingly Halal with an elaborate system to separate the evil Haram items from Halal products. All Haram products that contain traces of wine or pork products such as Balsamic vinegar or Kikkoman marinade have a green sticker applied. A special glassed-in room at the back called La Cave contains all the pork, alcohol or tobacco. The staff wear special gloves and seal the goods in air-tight pink plastic wrapping after purchase so as not to scare the regular shoppers. And it is not just about Food.
Ladies, before you slip on your head to toe black tent and rush off to the Hajj at Mecca, why not protect your skin (which will never see sunlight) and purchase some exciting skin care products, Halal ones, of course?

Restaurants, Eateries and Fast Food
As a rule of thumb, the larger the business the more likely it has embraced the Halal industry. This is particularly true for a business like Subway which operates in 86 countries with about 2,700 stores. In the UK alone, Subway has 80 stores that are “halal only”. Interesting also is that in the UK more Infidels are eating Halal food than Muslims! But do they know? Do they even care? Restaurants are more likely to be individually owned and so you need to ask on a case by case basis.

Once again, the Muslim population is well served, with web sites for every city.
It is alarming to find such a vast array of restaurants, cafes and eateries and fast food establishments pushing the Halal barrow.


Take Brisbane, for example.
You can select from multiple categories and drill down to what you want.
Categories include: Afghani, African, Arab, Chicken, Chinese, Indian, kebabs, Malay / Indonesian, Pizza, Seafood, Steak and burgers and Turkish.

How many of these outlets openly advertise that they are Halal? Not many.

Nandos is an Australian wide chain of eateries specializing in Portuguese chicken and my local shop has no visible signs advertising that it is Halal. Nandos told us that there is only a small plate on the wall indicating that the shop is Halal.

Our local shopping centre has a Lenard’s chicken shop which we have bought from in the past. Imagine my surprise when the Company web site informs me that the stores are “Halal certified” yet there are no obvious signs in the store itself to alert you to this fact.
Subway mean business
Ireland apparently supplies the UK with its Halal meats for Subway.
All meats in SUBWAY® Halal stores are certified by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (I.F.I.). The Islamic Foundation of Ireland (I.F.I.) has been involved since 1980 as the certifying authority for Halal meat exported from Ireland to Muslim countries. In 1985 a separate department within the Foundation, the Halal Meat Section, was set up to oversee the supervision and certification of Halal meat.

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland is recognised as the sole Halal certifying authority in Ireland by Kuwait Municipality (Notice No. 46/83.) and by the General secretariat of Municipalities in the United Arab Emirates.

How do I know if a SUBWAY® store serves Halal meats?
Look for the SUBWAY® Halal symbol. It will be displayed on the stores front window, the menu panels and the front counter. There will also be a certificate from the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (I.F.I.) on display.
Animal Rights Groups
A boycott of the sandwich chain Subway is threatened by leading animal group Viva! after it emerged that nearly 80 Subway stores across the UK may be selling meat from animals who have their throats cut while fully conscious as part of a religious slaughter ritual. The meat is sourced from Ireland. Viva! believes that Subway's policy is morally unacceptable and potentially illegal and has asked Subway for urgent change.

Not stunning animals prior to slaughter is illegal in the UK except for strictly defined reasons of religious belief for Jews (kosher meat) and Muslims (halal). However, the majority of Muslims have no objection to animals being stunned before slaughter and there is an adequate certified supply in the UK. Despite this, Subway has chosen to appeal to a minority Muslim market by selling only meat from animals whose throats are cut whilst fully conscious. The Government advisory body FAWC (Farm Animal Welfare Council)added that they were in agreement with prevailing international scientific consensus, that slaughter without pre-stunning is seriously detrimental to animal welfare.Read the full article (here).

While there is some good news overseas, we challenged the leading animal rights groups in Australia to ascertain their resolve to have Halal slaughtering banned. Both the RSPCA and Animals Australia are opposed to live export, but their websites are silent about opposing Halal slaughter. We emailed both organizations for a response as to what action they are taking to oppose Halal slaughter.

RSPCA & Animals Australia
Neither of these organizations object to Halal slaughter where Percussion stunning is used. Their only objection is where an Abattoir avoids stunning at the behest of Mid East Islamic countries. Only the few Victorian meatworks do this, and only after obtaining permission from the Victorian Regulator.

Muslims are so entrenched in our society now that they are demanding their version of our Fast Food. The market is too huge for companies like MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Subway to ignore. Creeping Sharia is advancing in the USA with Dearborn opening a Halal KFC outlet, and now Brooklyn NYC with Manhattan to follow soon. Australia can’t be far behind with our love for “finger licking” chicken! This subject is too enormous and complex to deal with in a few pages and so we really tried to present a summary of the current scene. Discovering the true extent of Halal food in Australia is a bit like peeling the onion. There is always another layer underneath!
Could globalisation be our worst enemy? The cold hard reality is that one in five customers world-wide is Muslim and this will not go unnoticed in the Board rooms of the International Companies.

How compelling will it be for them to decide to provide Halal ONLY to reduce costs  as it is the Muslim who demands while the infidel is silent?

We believe Halal food is just another way of enforcing Islamic Apartheid in Australia.
How long before we are forced into a back room at Woolworths or Coles if we want to buy pork products?

Please be active.
We have 123 Halal slaughter houses too many and over 2,700 Halal Butchers too many.
Tell your butcher you DON’T want Halal meats.
Tell your Supermarket you DON’T want Halal food.
Tell your favourite eating places you DON’T want Halal food.
But more importantly....
Tell your local MP you DON’T want Halal food.

Boycott HALAL


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