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Who Is The Real Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens?

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Who is Yusuf Islam, previously Cat Stevens? It might shock his fans to learn that the recycled troubadour is a zealous Muslim and a rabid anti-Semite. The aging feline, Cat Stevens, morphed into Yusuf Islam when he submitted to Islam in 1977.

Originally Steven Demetre Georgiou, alias Steve Adams, alias Cat Stevens, alias Yusuf Islam, he is now known merely as Yusuf. Good strategy to drop the inconvenient surname of Islam. It indicates an affinity to Mohammed's Islam and might not impress perceptive fans of the former Cat Stevens. 

 Mr. Islam was born in 1948 in London, U.K. His father was a Greek-Cypriot and his mother was Swedish. Mr. Islam was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic schools in London. In 1979 he married Fauzia Mubarak Ali. She was born in Nairobi but has a Central-Asian/Afghani background. They have five children. His mother chose his wife for him.

According to Mr Islam's website 'Yusuf Islam - Lifeline', his mother died in 1990. Curiously, she was buried as a Muslim with the name of Ingrid Georgiou (Safiyyah). No mention of when she converted.

For an unknown length of time, his father lived in Egypt. In 1978, Mr Islam visited Egypt with his friend, Alun Davis. In the Valley of Kings, Mr Islam met an old lady who knew his father Stavros at the time he lived in Alexandria.

From 1966 he had a successful career as a pop-star. Then in 1977 he converted to Islam. Ever since, he has been committed to promulgating his sanitised version of Islam to Westerners and expanding his niche in the Islamic world.

Before converting, he was searching for a crutch in his life. He flirted with Buddhism but realized it was not suitable for him. He "tried Zen and Ching, numerology, tarot cards and astrology." His brother, impressed by a visit to a mosque in Jerusalem, gave him a Qur'an. Eureka! Mr Islam had found his calling. An ideology that promotes polygamy, honour killing of wives, daughters and sisters, hacking heads off non-Muslims, stoning women to death, hanging homosexuals, female genital mutilation (circumcision), suicide bombings, execution of apostates, child marriages of little girls, and more. And anti-Semitism, a virulent hatred of Jews and Israel.

On his conversion to Islam, he wrote: "I found a religion that blended scientific reason with spiritual reality"

Scientific reason? The scientific way to behead an infidel? The scientific process to stone a person to death? Maybe the scientific method of circumcising young girls - Female Genital Mutilation? Perhaps the scientific wisdom of Iran's late barbaric Ayatollah Khomeini, a 20th century man with a primitive 7th century desert mentality?

"One of the first interesting things I learnt was that the word 'Islam' itself comes from Peace or Salam." Really? Karen Armstrong, a devotee of Islam, defines Islam as 'submission' or 'surrender' to the Will of God. So do other Muslims. Submission and Surrender!

In June 2010, the aging pop-star toured Australia. He serenaded nostalgic audiences in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with his old Cat Stevens songs and a few newer ones. Tickets at $200-plus would have enriched Mr. Islam's bank account (Shariah Bank?) by many thousands of Australian dollars. To be used, no doubt, to finance his favourite Islamic charities and his Islamic schools in Britain.

Journalist Iain Shedden of The Australian wrote that Mr. Islam made a quick visit to Australia in December 2010 to discuss the promotion of his June 2010 seven-concert-tour DVD with his Australian promoter Paul Dainty of Dainty Consolidated Entertainment. And also an Australian premiere of his proposed musical 'Moonshadow'.

Mr. Islam lives six months of each year in Dubai. He told Iain Shedden that Dubai "is a Muslim country...they are accepting of one's faith. You're not at loggerheads all the time on that score." Was Mr Islam joking? Dubai - accepting of one's faith? Only if one is a Muslim. Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims would disagree with Mr Islam's self-obsessed view.

Mr. Islam is a hypocrite. He wrote an article 'Islam Sings' for the book 'Taking Back Islam,' published in 2002. He accused Western lifestyles of being a cultural danger, not only to Muslims but to everyone. He denigrated satellite TV, the Internet, CDs, fashion, advertising, the worship and adoration of sports personalities, film stars and so on...also, media moguls and their commercial empires. Yet to promote his proposed musical 'Moonshadow' and to promote sales of his CDs and DVDs in Australia, Mr. Hypocrite Islam is using the same 'dangerous' Western cultural methods that he despises and condemns.

In the same article, he praised Islam for giving people "certain absolute directions on how, why, what, when, and where, to do things in their daily lives." Translation: how to be a mindless zombie.

A 'moderate' Muslim he is not. He does not personally kill people, stone women to death, hack off infidels heads, hands and feet, murder homosexuals or indulge in Islamic atrocities. He is not a terrorist Muslim. Not his style. He prefers that other Muslims do the dirty deeds. Confirmed by his condoning of the Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa on Salman Rushdie in the BBC program 'Hypotheticals'. He stated that Salman Rushdie (author of The Satanic Verses) should die but he would not personally kill him. He would "...ring somebody who might do more damage to him (Rushdie) than he (Rushdie) would like. I'd try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is." He also said "that rather than go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of Salman Rushdie, I would have hoped that it'd be the real thing." Spoken like a true fundamentalist Muslim. For links to view the video, see end notes.

In 2004 in an article 'A Cat in a Wild World', he wrote: "I am a man of peace and denounce all forms of terrorism and injustice...I have dedicated my life to promoting peace throughout the world...and campaigning for peace and stability in this volatile and violent world." The hypocrite. Calling for the death of Salman Rushdie for writing a book is not the act of a peaceful man.

On a visit to Istanbul in November 1997, Mr Islam addressed students at Bosporus University. He lectured about his firm commitment to "the basic Islamic ethos" and his desire "to rekindle Islamic life and attitudes, especially in Europe, in what I would say is a declining civilization."

"For us," he said, "we do believe that there is a need to reaffirm the culture of Islam in all its beauty and aspiration." Islam in all its beauty and aspiration! Mr Islam should read his Qur'an. He would be hard pressed to find any beauty in its pages. Europe is a declining civilization due to the influx of millions of Muslim parasites. Welfare seekers.

In 1992 Mr. Islam founded the registered UK charity, Waqf al-Birr Education Trust, specifically to cater for Da'wah as well as educational matters.

One of his activities is to provide Da'wah material for non-Muslims. Da'wah! Such a mysterious word, exotic even. Sounds much nicer than 'propaganda'. One interpretation is 'inviting to the Way of submission and surrender to Allah.' Another explains Da'wah as 'usually denotes preaching of Islam.' Which means Mr. Islam is just a plain old missionary for Islam. Roping in for Allah, types such as David Hicks and Jihad Jack Thomas. The weak-minded misfits and flotsam of the world.

In 1994 Mr. Islam set up a Company, Mountain of Light, especially to provide top quality audio-visual Da'wah material, primarily in audio-vision form. Mr Islam turned his attention to studio work recording his popular CDs and DVDs. Such as 'A is for Allah', which teaches Islam. All aimed at ensnaring gullible non-Muslims. The Islamic world must have been over-joyed when Yusuf Islam superseded Cat Stevens.

Mr. Islam has founded a number of schools. He opened Islamia Primary School in 1983. It was one of England's first Islamic schools. Then in 1988 he opened the Islamia Girls' Secondary School. He founded an educational, exhibition and cultural centre in London, The Maqam. One aim of the centre is to present Islam in a positive light to the Western world. Through the use of the facilities by non-Muslims, Mr. Islam hopes to fulfill "his vision to educate people about Islam in order to build a healthier and spiritually tolerant society" reported the Arab News. The banishing of Islam would achieve that vision, Mr Islam.

A mission statement of his Islamia School: "The ultimate aim of Islamic education is the realization of complete submission to Allah on the level of the individual, the community and humanity at large." Mr Islam's ambitious plan for the whole of humanity!

The fawning article in the Arab News praised Mr. Islam for targetting children with his Islamic songs. The songs are based on the meanings of the Koran and Hadiths, "beautiful songs with a strong moral view." The Arab News reported that "he has over 200 songs that touch on spirituality, family, peace and harmony." He is reported to be on a mission to creating a 'better tomorrow' for future generations. An Islamic future of submission to Allah, one presumes. What better way to indoctrinate young children - to open your own schools. The ultimate propaganda tool.

"It's grossly unfair for the vast majority of humankind who still have yet to benefit from what this wonderful spiritual code of life (Islam - or 'entry to peace with God') can offer." The vast majority of humankind? Another revealing statement of his ambition to Islamize the world.

In the article 'Chinese Whiskers' by Yusuf Islam, from his site 'Mountain of Light', he informed readers about the Muslim attacks of 9/11 in the US and 7/7 in the UK:

"I do believe that some people in the West have a hard time today in decoding the spiritual message of peace which exists behind certain bloodcurdling events and headlines which are branded (sic) abroad in the name of Islam." Decoding which Islamic 'spiritual message of peace'? Flying planes into highrise buildings and slaughtering thousands of people? Is it considered OK as long as we understand the 'spiritual message of peace' of the massacre?

He expressed the usual Muslim line that the terrorists actions were "un-Islamic" and "against the teachings and example of the Prophet" and carried out by "a minority." They "confirm some people's worst fears." They certainly do, Mr. Islam. Hitler, Pol Pot, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Muhammad - each started as a minority.

"The display of death and indiscriminate killing we've all witnessed has undoubtedly dented humanity's confidence in itself." No, it did not Mr. Islam! It jolted open the eyes and minds of people of civilized Western countries to the evil of Islam.

Writing about the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, he cast Muslims in London as victims.

"With reports linking the atrocity to Muslim groups, the parents and innocent children of Islamia School have become possible targets of hate and harassment." And "As more evidence is uncovered, the latest horror to hit the United States allegedly looks to have been caused by people bearing Muslim names and of Middle Eastern origin." 'Allegedly' and 'People bearing Muslim names'? Terrorist Muslims, Mr. Islam! They were devotees of your prophet Muhammad!

Mr Islam is a spokesman for the Forum Against Islamaphobia and Racism. The Forum held a meeting in September 2001 to discuss the fallout for the Muslim community in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack in America. Speaking to the BBC after the meeting, Mr Islam made more astounding remarks.

"This (9/11 attack) is a celebration for racists who will take any kind of opportunity to target innocent Muslims and bystanders and that is the kind of thing we are experiencing here (UK) and around the world," he said. Hmmm...perhaps flying hijacked commercial jet airliners into American buildings and causing the agonising deaths of nearly 3000 people and over 6000 injured, might be regarded as an 'opportunity'.

Mr Islam said some of the victims of attacks in the UK had been young children who had been bullied, spat on and assaulted. "That is unacceptable in our civilized world," he said. Spat on and bullied! Children in Israel are subjected to constant attack from rockets fired by Muslims into Israel. Given a choice, they would probably prefer to be spat on.

The recycled anti-Semitic warbler does not love Jews or Israel. In 1988, he wrote the following in an 'informational pamphlet' called 'Eyewitness' for the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas front-group with ties to Al-Qaeda:

"The Jews seem neither to respect God nor his creation. Their own holy books contain the curse of God brought upon them by their prophets on account of their disobedience to Him and mischief in the earth. We have seen the disrespect for religion displayed by those who consider themselves to be 'God's chosen people.'...There will be no justice until all the land is given back to its rightful owners... Only Islam can bring peace back to the Holy Land." The same as the 'peace' in the Muslim countries of the Middle East, Mr. Islam?

In 2000, Mr Islam was refused entry into Israel after previously being barred in 1990. The government claimed that he delivered tens of thousands of dollars to Hamas when he visited Israel in 1988. On being deported in 2000, he said, "I don't see any reason for this to happen in a time of peace." Time of peace? What an incredibly insensitive remark. There has never been peace for Israel. Jews have been under attack by Muslims ever since Muhammad had his first epileptic fit.

In 1999, Mr. Islam was the main speaker at the "Second 'United for Al-Quds Conference'." (Al-Quds is the Islamic name for Jerusalem). One of the main sponsors was the American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice, a radical group which supports terror. In his speech, entitled 'Jerusalem: The First and Last Scene of Faith's Struggle', Mr. Islam said:

"As we look to Jerusalem and the world today, we see Muslims being subjected to the same persecution and exile as Jews. We need only to look at Kosovo to see this reality...When the Jews placed their love of life and their national identity above the obedience to God and His prophets, they were lowered to abject levels of disgrace and dishonour" Yeah! The USA installed gas chambers in Jerusalem and the UN, the EU and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are herding Muslims into them. An outrageous lie. Just as deluded as your preposterous drivel, Mr. Islam!

At an Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference in 1995, Mr. Islam said in his speech that "The Jews would have us believe that God has this bias to this little small tribe in the Middle of the Sinai desert and all the rest of humanity is just rubbish. I mean that this is the basic doctrine of the Jewish religion and that's why it is a most racist religion." It really sticks in your craw doesn't it Mr. Islam that your Muslim brothers cannot wipe Israel, that little small tribe, off the map!

Mr. Yusuf Islam, a committed fundamentalist Muslim, is on a mission to convert the World to Islam as prescribed by his controller - the 7th century barbarian Muhammad.

Finally, an item from: Toledo Blade - Life on Mars. August 17th, 1996 Mr Islam was asked about beings in space and what religion they would adopt - if any. On Mars or wherever. Mr Islam believes Martian life would be more problematical for Christianity than for Islam. The Koran refers to Allah as 'Lord of the worlds' and has a sophisticated theology of 'jinns', spirits who 'live in the heavens'.

"The Prophet Mohammad was sent as a mercy to all the worlds," he said, quoting the Koran. "Islam is for the whole universe, not just for this earth. We could start preaching on Mars as soon as we get the visa."

My comment:

Too late, Mr Islam. While your Muslim brothers around the world were killing each other, and non-Muslims, the Martians adopted Judaism! The Israelis got there first!

Links to articles

15. Hypotheticals video
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18. The Australian. Thursday 16 December 2010. "Yusuf is lured back by musical prospect" by Iain Shedden
19. 'Play Stops: life's lesson goes on' by Yusuf Islam, an article on his site 'Sound Vision'
20. Book: 'Taking Back Islam' Published 2002 by Rodale Inc & Beliefnet Inc. pp186

Every sentence attributed to Mr. Yusuf Islam in this article can be sourced and verified in the above links.

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