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QWIRE May 2011: Connecting the Dots in the Australian Counter - Jihad

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While most politicians and journalists still shrug off the evidence of Islamisation as dog-whistling by “extreme right wing racists” and “islamophobic alarmists”, both blatant and subtle efforts to make Australia more agreeable to Islam continue at a steady pace. In fact no other religious group is more brazen and constantly in the face of Australians; as highly visible and offensive.

Just take their latest ideas for billboards and bus ads in Sydney (1a), spruiking blatant falsehoods to incite religious division (see left and below). But more often it is the more subtle and deceitful tactics for which the following facts may serve as timely reminders.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils proposed this month that Australians should forget the rule of secular law and separations of power, the fundamental pillars of democracy, and embrace "legal pluralism", the thin edge of Islamism whereby certain aspects of sharia law become Australian law (1b). Church and State re-united again.

While our Attorney General solemnly declared there is no place for sharia in Australia, Federal Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou, who chairs the current parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism, made it clear that Islamic sharia law has every right to be part of the debate (2a). So, despite denials from the Government and the affront to Australian values and our Constitution, sharia law is now most certainly on the agenda.

So emboldened, Australia’s Prince of Taqiyya, Mr Kayser Trad, is given ample space on ‘Our ABC’ to tell us mesmerizing tales from 1001 nights and what Sharia really means (2b). Of course we can rest assured the benevolent sharia flavour Mr Trad and friends have in mind for us has absolutely nothing to do with the gruesome, medieval sharia practised in most of the 56 OIC countries.

This is the Kayser Trad of the ‘Islamic Friendship Association’ (3a), who so humbly sells us legalised polygamy - read polygyny, not polyandry, Allah forbid (3b) and similar worthy causes, when entertaining members of the self-loathing interfaith circus.

Also expected this month is the Board of Taxation's report on how to make our taxation system sharia-compliant and encourage Islamic Finance. Thanks are in order to MPs Nick Sherry (ALP), Bill Shorten (ALP), Simon Crean (ALP) and, of course, Chris Bowen (ALP), who proselytise the ‘ethical’ miracles of sharia-compliant finance. This scheme was invented in the late 1950s by the Muslim Brotherhood to Islamise global economies and their financial services industries, (4b,c, d) they call it ‘Jihad with Money’. Questions neither likely to be raised nor answered by the Government or Board of Taxation are:

Q1: Has the Government complied with its Financial Action Task Force obligations and investigated the real and proven link between Islamic Finance and terror funding?

Q2: Does “interest” smell more ethical when called “profit” or "fees" with added structuring and sharia adviser charges? Islamic religious advisers that not only obtain legitimacy by working in financial services and commanding huge salaries, but are able to hand-feed a plethora of Islamic ‘charities’. It pays to look very closely at who sits on these advisory boards (4e).

Q3: What do insiders have to say about sharia finance; the ones not fallen for the mesmerizing getrich- quick schemes. Were any objective consultants utilised? (4f)

 Q4: Will this Federal Attorney General be as accommodating for sharia finance as his predecessor when AQIS (4g) and other government agencies became accomplices to the sharia food schemes?
While it seems Australians must embrace Islam in the guise of cultural enrichment and practical multiculturalism, the more open and honest warriors of Muhammed are ever bolder in their threats to Australia. The latest message from Shannon Conlon a.k.a. Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon sent to the group Australian Defense League reads as follows:

“O' disbelieving enemy of Allah, read with two eyes; while you and your feral, racist, redneck, drunken yobbos are wasting your money drinking, gambling your money away, we are working hard, praying to Allah and preparing. The result is not in our hands nor yours but with Almighty God- Allah. you seem to forget that just north is the worlds largest muslim country who are also preaparing and many have pledged their loyal support to me and to Allah. We dont protest. We fight. Ibrahim Siddiq –Conlon” (5)

No doubt many will disregard this as incoherent ramblings of a fool. But it fits hand-in-glove with what other Islamic activists and organisations like Hizb Ut Tahrir (The Liberation Party) have in mind for Australia. No wonder this group is classified as a terrorist feeder organisation and outlawed in many countries, including Islamic nations. Not so in multicultural Australia, where HuT & Co. are free to radicalise perpetually insulted young Islamists and impressionable converts (6).

Also this month, Australia’s own L-plated terrorist Muhammed Dawood a.k.a. David Hicks, was showered with accolades from the self-righteous left for his recently launched ‘tell all’ book. For young Aussies the message is clear: Go be a jihadist, it's cool, it pays and people respect you.

In our shopping centres, who hasn't signed up for sharia compliance yet? We started our investigations and could not find one major local dairy company selling cheese in Australia which either didn't use halal-conform raw materials or weren't paying to market their product as halal:

Kirin/Natfoods (brands are Coon, Dairy Farmers, King Island, Cracker Barrel, Tasmanian Heritage, South Cape, Merser Valley, Australian Gold and Millel), Murray Goulbourn Co-operative (Devondale, Cobram, Kiewa, Liddells), Fonterra (Mainland, Bega and Perfect Italiano), NorCo (Nimbin) all now submitted to Islamic sharia. It is likely there are still some regional and specialty cheese makers, which have not yet fallen for the halal rackets.

So we keep on looking. But for now we found only the makers of the fine and widely available Jarlsberg cheese in Elnesvage, Western Norway, that haven’t bowed to Muhammad and his racketeering followers.

In June we begin to take a closer look at abattoirs processing cattle and sheep. We had one industry insider come forward with figures that two-thirds of Australian chicken and lamb, and over half of our beef, is now slaughtered according to Islam’s cruel and medieval rituals. Our 'halal' chicken is easier to confirm as those flaunting their halal status include the two major national players (who share two thirds of the market) and some of the smaller players happy to contribute to the advancement of Islam.

Many consumers will shrug their shoulders, but for a growing number this diminishing choice is alienating and offensive. An interesting point on halal meat: to be certified halal it must not be dedicated to any God but Allah.

Yet Australians are called 'bigots' for objecting to our animals being slaughtered wholesale the name of Allah.

Subsidising Islamic organisations by way of grocery shopping is now big business for self-imposed halal-certification ‘authorities’. Most of our meat comes without warning that it was sourced from ritually slaughtered animals. As a growing number of Australian animals are shipped alive to Islamic countries, where they are often slaughtered in most barbaric circumstances, as was for all to see in a ‘Four Corners’ report on ABC on 30 May.

Please note halal certification and Islamic sharia has nothing to do with Jewish kashrut and kosher. Schechita is a different process; kosher meat is indeed expensive and only produced in miniscule quantities for the small observant Jewish community. Kosher meat barely reaches the Australian mainstream market, while Islamic halal-certificated products are flooding our markets.

Consequently we will publish both a White List and a Halal Black List by the end of this year. We lobby for mandatory labelling of products and companies where a 'sharia-compliance' certification was paid for; and we ask just how Australia could sell and export all those fine Australian products in the days before business-savvy Islamists came up with their halal-certification schemes.

Sadly the majority of Australian politicians, journalists and opinion-makers refuse to learn what all this is about.

As they feign ignorance to what is happening to the indigenous peoples of Europe, where Islamisation began in earnest two decades earlier, they won’t accept what awaits Australia over the next years. Some of the more travelled and better-informed Australians, who have seen the abyss and the changes in Europe, firmly cling to the naive hope that 'it can't happen here' - if only they believe the sweet words of AFIC & Co. - and close their eyes firm enough. But the harshest awakening will be for those only reading from the columns of their fellow progressive travellers, who still believe the noble warriors of Islam will help them cleanse the world of right-wing conservative rabble; only to swiftly change allegiance from Muhammed to Marx once the societal cleansing is done. Do they really believe the crocodile will spare them? Or will Australia find another crocodile hunter in time to wrestle the predatory reptile back in its box?

 (1a) act-20110527-1f8j2.html#ixzz1NaooR2VH
( 1b )
( 2a )
( 2b )
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( 3b )
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( 5 ) Text message sent to the leader of the ADL on 23 May. The ADL is planning a “Say No to Sharia” rally in Sydney on 30 June
( 6 )

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