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Food Jihad

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Australia has very stringent Food Safety Standards:

The Food Safety Standards were developed to provide more effective and nationally uniform food safety legislation for Australia
Standard 3.2.1 Food Safety Programs
This standard sets out the requirements for the control of food safety hazards during the production, manufacture and handling of food.

 Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements
This standard sets out specific food handling controls related to the receipt, storage, processing, display, packaging, transportation, disposal and recall of food. Other requirements relate to the skills and knowledge of food handlers and their supervisors, the health and hygiene of food handlers and the cleaning and maintenance of food premises and equipment.
Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment
This standard sets out the requirements for food premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment and food transport vehicles.
The publication Safe Food Australia is the guide to the interpretation of the three mandatory food safety standards contained in the Code.

You would think these standards were comprehensive enough to cover all circumstances.

But apparently not, as it seems we also need halal certification:

Muslims commonly use two terms to describe food – Halal and Haram. The Arabic word halal means lawful or permitted. In the Holy Qu'ran, Allah (God) commands Muslims and all of mankind to eat of the Halal things.

Basically, Allah Al Mighty knows what is best for us to eat. And normally all the halal food are very clean and safe from any disease.
The opposite of Halal is Haram, which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal and Haram are in fact universal terms that apply to all facets of life. As far as food is concerned, the Qur'an makes it clear as to what is Halal and Haram:
O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and wholesome in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Lo! he is an open enemy for you. (2:168)
O ye who believe! Eat of the good things wherewith. We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah if it is (indeed) He Whom ye worship. (2:172) Eat of that which Allah hath bestowed on you as food lawful and good, and keep your duty to Allah in Whom ye are believers. (5:88) 

Oh mercy me, it appears that Food Standards Australia might be following in the “footsteps of the devil”, as only Allah can make food “lawful.”

But luckily for Australians who might be following this satanic path, help is at hand. The halal industry here is well organized:

The Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria (I.C.C.V.) is the major Islamic organization responsible for the certification, monitoring, and supervision of Halal food exports from Australia. We also provide Halal Food (Halal Meat and Halal Processed Food) Certification and Supervision of halal process for domestic market as well as export market.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, South Africa and others recognizes Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria as a Halal Authority in Victoria providing Supervision, Certification and advisory services to the Halal Meat and Livestock and Halal food products. The ICCV is the only body in the State of Victoria, Australia, recognized by the Halal authority of the Saudi Arabia Government. ICCV also has been appointed as the Sole Coordinating Body for the Supervision and Certification of Halal Meat and Halal Processed Food from Australia to Republic of Indonesia.

With five office staff, two external food technologists, four Sharia advisors and over 140 registered Halal slaughtermen/inspectors ICCV is the largest and the most respected Halal Certifier in Australia. We have the capacity to increase 140 registered Halal slaughtermen/inspectors to more than 250. We have no shortage of manpower. We are ready to serve any company any where in Australia that is interested in producing Halal product (meat and processed food).

Interested companies/organizations/individuals can call our office on (03) 9380 5467 should they need more information regarding Halal product (meat & processed food) and Halal Industry.

Thank goodness we can rely on the ICCV to ensure our food is clean! And if ICCV is recognized by the Halal authority of Saudi Arabia, it must not only be clean but lawful as well!

Yet do kuffars really deserve such beneficence?

Ayesha Ahmed from FaithFreedom (a website run by ex-Muslims) explains how Muslims view kuffars, giving examples of how they express this contempt:

Allah hates all non muslims because they are the worst of creations, lowest of the low, worse than animals and evil ( 2.99, 8.22,8.55,95.5, 98.6).

They have been declared filthy and najis (untouchable) like feces (9.28).

Here a very famous learned muslim scholar of quran, Dr Qazi, vey rightly describes a non muslim :
“As good people are served with good food, najis and evil people are served with feces and urine.”

Here are some jihadi muslims who made the whole umma proud by serving kuffar with urine and feces.

Yasser made Allah happy by carrying his urine in bottles in his ice cream truck; and every time a little one bought an ice cream cone he sprinkled his urine on it. He carried frozen urine also for those big kids who wanted a big bowl of ice cream.

No worries, as the Koran and the Hadiths would say: it’s okay to sell this to infidel kids….

A British momin got his blessings from Allah by throwing a mixture of his feces and urine on the merchandise and food belonging to kuffar. Nobody knows how long he was carrying out this Islamic activity before finally the infidels grabbed him.

“A man sprayed a mixture of urine and feces in two supermarkets, a pub and a bookshop. Sahnoun Daifallah, 42, a devout Muslim from Gloucester, is alleged to have caused damage estimated at £700,00. He pleaded not guilty to four charges of contaminating goods and two of damaging property. He also denied possession of material to contaminate goods and possession of an offensive weapon. The court heard he visited the Air Balloon pub near the village of Birdlip on 14 May 2008 where police were called after he asked a barmaid how much it would cost to rape her”:

Daifallah appeared on charges he squirted a “foul-smelling” substance, later determined to be a mixture of feces and urine, over frozen chips and wine bottles at a Tesco in Gloucester – he then went on to shower and ruin 706 children’s books at Waterstones in Cirencester, Gloucs. Not quite satisfied with showering his human liquid waste concoction over just two stores, Daifallah proceeded to the Air Balloon pub where, after making offensive comments to the barmaid, he proceeded to sprinkle more feces and urine all over the pub food. This filthy defilement of property has cost the business owners considerable amounts of money to clean their establishment as well as replace the urine-fecal destroyed items.

Here is an ingenious way to get blessings by feeding feces to kuffar and getting paid for it too:
Cardiff, U.K., 11th February 2008

Two muslim Bakery/Pizzeria owners were fined for selling chocolate cake – which had been sprinkled with human feces.

A horrified customer ate the foul-smelling gateaux but noticed that it didn’t taste or smell “quite right” and handed the cake to public health scientists.

The analysts soon established that the sweet treat was covered in feces and legal proceedings against the bakery owners were started.

Owners Saeed Hasmi, 25, and Syed Jan Yadgari, 23, were fined £1,500 for selling food unfit for human consumption.

In Dallas, USA, Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh, 49, a devout muslim, is on trial for allegedly throwing feces on pastries at a Fiesta grocery store. Police said that during an investigation, they found a pile of human feces by his bed. Investigators believe Nahidmobarekeh would dry the feces, either by microwave or just letting it sit out, grate it up with a cheese grater and then sprinkle it at the store. A young boy was later seen on the surveillance tape, eating one of the defiled cookies.”
There were consistent complaints about foul smelling cookies and cakes which led to investigations and apprehension of the muslim pastry Chef.

There appears to be a nasty and disgusting pattern emerging – muslim men conducting a body waste Jihad. Such body fluids would be considered hazardous waste in a medical setting. With the numbers of serious and often fatal diseases, including polio and hepatitis, that can be carried by human waste – there needs to be harsher penalties for fecal jihadists.

While momins were taking turns raping the disrobed non muslim journalist Lora Logan in Cairo revolution, muslims surrounding the spectacle pulled out their private parts and and urinated on the najis woman . This way they could participate in the jihad against the kafir woman and claim sawab on judgement day..

A very brave pious muslim woman, who did not have an opportunity to urinate or shit on the kuffar, did the next best thing; she spat on them at every opportunity. Nuha was arrested for spitting on white customers in a Walmart Store in Florida. She told the arresting officers that she was only doing what Allah had instructed her to do,


It is clear that we need legislation to ensure stringent penalties for anyone committing food jihad. This is a public health hazard and offenders should receive heavy fines and imprisonment. If they are not yet citizens, they should be instantly deported.

Also, we must not allow ‘legal pluralism’ in our Food Safety Laws. Halal certification must not be given any legal status, but kept in-house for Muslims.

Say NO to Sharia!

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