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Tales of Racists, Bigots and Islamophobes

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Do you call someone critical of Communism or Catholicism a ‘racists’? I suspect nobody of sound mind would expose himself to ridicule for such folly. Every educated person knows these nouns refer to doctrines or religious ideologies, not genetically defined sub-sections of humanity. But in disregard of simple facts, increasingly we hear the term ‘racists’ hurled at whoever speaks critical about the religious doctrine of Islam, and the Islamisation of our communities:

“You don’t like Islam? Oh, you are SUCH A RACIST!”

Would we see a similar barrage of verbal flak each time some half-clever comedian pokes vile fun at born-again Christians and orthodox Jews? Are there cries of “Racist”’ and “Bigot!” every time some drooling nutter smears an effigy of Jesus on the cross with his excrements, to the enchanted ‘oohhs’ and ‘aahhs’ of our precious intelligentsia?

How is it our noble artists, spirited comedians and enchanted academicos can ridicule the Pope, Jehovah, Krishna, Vishnu and Manitou to their heart’s content, while we just smirk, shrug and get on with life? How come any two-bob media tart can swing her self-righteous cat’o’nine at the people of Israel for defending their fragile homeland, and spittle her cheap anti-Semite vile without the slightest fear of backfire? As a matter of fact, hardly anybody in our enlightened society will raise an eyebrow about such expressions of free speech. It is in fact one of the great achievements of our western culture, that we allow any brain artist to climb on his little soap box and lambast, mock and criticise the living daylight out of anyone and everything. Just kindly refrain from wielding knifes or throwing Molotov cocktails.

Our cultural elitists may even shower the soiler of religious symbols with a $20,000 grant - as long as he remembers to insert the words ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘multicultural’ in his grant application form.

But dare you mention the ‘I’ or ‘M’ word!
Oh, what an abhorrent racist and bigoted xenophobe you are!
They even throw in the increasingly popular ‘Islamophobe’ for good measure.
But nothing tops the servile PC lunatics in Victoria from concocting a ‘Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (2001)’ to protect noisy imams and their precious sheep from undue critique.

Interesting times we live in, indeed.

This scribe wonders what makes Islam and Muslims indeed so special, so fragile?

Why do well-educated members of our egalitarian society commit blatant malfunctions of reason and thought? What makes our media, our politicians, heads of school boards and leaders of government departments fall over their feet to accommodate every whim and each frivolous demand from puffed-up Islamic kitchen councils or some fascistoid cat-meat mullahs, doubling as self-imposed ‘religious community leaders’?

When did we hear Buddhist student groups agitate for separate ‘Buddhist only’ prayer rooms in universities and Catholics demonstrate for ‘Catholics only’ lavatories in public buildings? Did we register noisy demands from the Australian Hindu Council for extra paid prayer brakes at all companies where Hindus work? When was it that your local school board decided to treat all students and parents to kosher-only BBQs and a Santa-free Christmas season, because they felt the maybe 1.8% Jewish students might feel marginalised when treated just like every other Australian? And do we recall the spiritual leader of the Australian/Japanese Kabuki Dancer Association demand the right for his members to wear their culturally significant facemasks in public?

I think the message is clear and we need no in-depth dissertation to appreciate Islamism is no race. Just as Buddhism or Fascism are not races. Neither Christians nor Muslims are members of particular genetic strains, neither share their followers a particular ethnic strains; both required for the noun ‘race' to be applied correctly. We surely can agree Muslims come from Africa, Arabia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. And we know Muslims are black, brown, white, olive, yellow - and anything and everything in between. Muslims belong to as many races and racial mixes as there are on this planet. How can being critical of Islam and Islamisation then possibly be smeared as ‘racist’?

It can’t, full stop. So let us all sign off on this factum: Islam is no race. Islam is an ideology, a religious doctrine, a mere construct of thoughts and believes.

And just like any other comprehensive ideology, Islam strives to control the way humans behave and interact, Islam dictates what is ‘good’ and ‘bad”. Islam wraps both Muslims and Dhimmis in a complete framework of directions, values and laws, which rule and guide their life cycle from birth to death – and in theory way beyond. Islam promises a heavenly paradise to ‘good’ Muslims and an explicitly horrible ‘hell’ to those who do not properly submit to Mohammed’s ideology. And for the most noble Islamists, who die while fighting for the defence and enlargement of the Islamic Ummah, there are no less than 72 juicy virgins with full breasts waiting in yonder paradise (Hadith 2,562 and An-Naba 78:31-34).

We know any person submitting to the five pillars of Islam becomes a Muslim. But does this act of submission mutate the genes of the convert so he becomes a member of the ‘Muslim race’? What would be the common racial or genetic features of a white Muslim in England, a black Muslim in North Africa, an olive Muslim in Lebanon, a brown Muslim in Pakistan, a yellow Muslim in Asia and a Muslim of mixed black and white parents in the USA?

I think nobody needs a ‘phone-a-friend’ help line to figure this one out.

With the ‘Islam is no race and a Muslim is not the member of a particular race’ paradigma now firmly locked in, how can criticism of a religious dogma possible be conceived as ‘racist’? In particular, if the critic is squarely pointed at the ideology and it’s impact on society? Do critics of Islam and Islamisation suggest the followers of Mohammed’s ideology are born as lesser human beings? Do critics ask for discrimination based on ethnic or racial features? Do critics of suggest fellow humans with a certain skin colour are born lesser humans than those with a different skin colour?

Quite to the contrary, the critics of Islam are such a mixed bunch of humanity, the heart of every multiculturalist should swell with joy. Criticism of Islamisation can be heard in all four corners of our world. It is heard loud and clear wherever Islamisation takes place.

More and more Asians, Europeans, Africans and Americans and non-islamic Arabs, all join in their criticism of Islam and rejection of the Islamisation of their non-islamic communities.

Criticism of Islamisation is never about race or ethnic features. It is about the serious ramifications, when this aggressively proselyting religious dogma, straight from the mindset of marauding warlords of the 7th century, is allowed to spread unchecked in a host society.

Especially since this dogma has no regard for our value of human life, democratic process, separation of church and state, basic human rights, humanistic ethics and freedom of religion, thought and speech.

So when someone falsely smears critics of Islam and Islamisation as "racists', this person merely demonstrates what an ‘useful idiot' (in the very sense of Lenin’s usage of the term) and ignorant tool in the pan-islamic process he is. In many cases the useful idiot is a flag carrier for the failed experiment of state-enforced separatism and multiculturalism. He happily joins in the manic-compulsive self-flagellation, now so common amongst our political and cultural idols, as well as many of their commentators and cheer squad.

And what about the NewSpeak creation of ‘Islamophobic”? Just to toss those not happily supporting the Islamisation of their culture into the same asylum as manic claustrophobics and irrational arachnophobes? Is dislike of the destruction of one’s culture and society an irrational fear, perhaps even a pathological disease?

Perhaps see what a Christian Lebanese has to say to this. Or a Hindu in Bangladesh.

We need only look to Europe to see the social polarisation, disintegration of communities, cultural divisions as well as searing and open violence. Certain areas in France, England and Scandinavia now resemble more the Gaza strip, than civilised Europe. Police are met with stones and petrol bombs and anyone trying to uphold the law in those areas, better come in riot gear and with armed escorts. Muslim women wanting a divorce from their violent husbands now submit to the local Sharia court. School kids who can’t speak Arabic or Turkish are marginalised in their own country. When compared to Westerners, ingrained behavioural patterns of Muslims are in many cases reversed: What civilised people in the West regard as profound character strength and wisdom of a refined mind, Muslims often see as cowardly behaviour and despicable weakness. Muslims act aggressive and violent in situations, were Westerners step back and reflect. And it does not stop there. Young and very angry European Muslims are a disproportional large group in youth detention centres and prisons. According to Danish penal psychologist Nicolai Sennels, Muslims now make up 70% of the prison population in Copenhagen. This after decades of the Danish society bending over backwards to assimilate their imports from Islamistan and providing them with every possible chance a fundamental multiculturalist can only dream of.

All this follows when large numbers of practising Islamists and observant Muslims are tolerated to settle into secular and multi-ethnic western societies. Go back in history, when vibrant communities of Polytheists, Hindus and Buddhists were wiped out by the eastward move of Islam. As there was the westward spread of Islam to subdue Christian and Jewish communities of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, along North Africa into Spain, Portugal and across the Ottoman Empire far into the Balkans. But it didn’t end with this.

Today we see to North Africa, where the ongoing Islamisation of native tribal lands produces one genocidal killing field and one act of ethnic cleansing after another. We witness the terror and violence in Southern Thailand and the Philippines, where Islam is hard at work to subjugate Buddhist and Catholic communities. We do not forget the bloody struggle of non-islamic minorities in Bangladesh, Pakistan and even parts of India against Islamic terror.

The list of facts of both current and historically events is there for everyone with eyes to see.

The graves of the millions slaughtered as a result of the spread of Islam bear witness.

When the glitz of Islamic money spinning has worn out, when all the multiculti smoke as lifted, when the candles at the multifaith shish kebab talk fests have burned down and all the Kumbajah singers gone home: At the core Islam is a violent, discriminating, dangerous and highly oppressive ideology; unrepenting, un-reforming and seemingly unmoved by countless genocides it left in it’s wake. Violent from the bloody beginnings some 1,300 years ago, and still viciously murderous in our 21st century.

Are our members of Islam’s 5th column indeed so firmly indoctrinated, indifferent and ignorant of the human suffering which follows Islamisation of non-islamic cultures? Do they perhaps chance the notion of a ‘moderate’ Islam? Do the useful idiots believe they can pit ‘moderate’ Muslims against the core of Islam? They will be disappointed to learn there is no concept of moderate Islam in the Koran. Muslims, who no longer submit to the five pillars of Islam, cease to be Muslims. Islam surely is no Sunday religion. Islam knows only one Allah, one prophet Mohammed, one holy Koran and one Hadith.

Unlike the Christian churches, Islam has never undergone reformation. In comparison Islam is still a young religion. The Jewish people, Hinduism and Buddha’s teachings go back millennia of development, cultivation and transmigration. Even the younger dogma of Christianity had the benefit of two thousand years of transformation, reformation and re-interpretation. In stark contrast stands the ‘perfect’ Koran, being the direct, infallible and unchangeable word of Allah, which has not reformed since the 7th century C.E., when the illiterate prophet cum preacher cum warlord Mohammed and his followers began their marauding blood bath. Please consider what Ali Sina of had to say about the notion of ‘moderate’ Islam.

“Instead of thinking of Muslims as two separate groups, moderates and extremists, think of them as one group gathered around a fire. Those who are farthest from the fire are the nominal Muslims. The nominal Muslims are the average Muslims whom we are most familiar with. They could be our co-workers, our business associates or our neighbours. They dress like us and live like us, their children play with our children and they are working hard to put food on the table, pay their mortgage and live a normal life. They believe in the five pillars of the Islamic faith, some perform prayers, and some don’t. They may fast during the month of Ramadan and if they can afford, they go to pilgrimage in Mecca at least once in their lifetime but most don’t, even when they can afford it.

As you move closer to the fire you find Muslims becoming more attached to Islam, they meticulously perform their religious obligations, they read the Quran, regularly, go to the mosque, pay zakat, eat only halal food, dress Islamicly, believe in conspiracy theories about the Jews running the world, hate America, never read Noam Chomsky but recommend his books, see the world divided in Muslim/kafir dichotomy, rationalize suicide bombings as legitimate fight against “oppression”, etc.

As you approach closer, you find the fanatics who are consumed by their zealotry and become terrorists and Jihadis.
These people are all Muslims. The only difference between them is in degree of their adherence to Islam. There is no guarantee that a moderate nominal Muslim will remain moderate always. He can become attracted to the fire of zealotry and become a terrorist overnight. All it takes for nominal Muslims to become terrorists, is that they face a crisis. And if they are young, there is a chance that they become extremists and even terrorists. As long as Muslims look at Islam as the ultimate source of guidance, there is a risk that anyone of them become a terrorist in a heartbeat.”

An Iranian ex-Muslim himself, Ali Sina should understand Islam.

Islamic 5th column

Has not the avalanche of terror attacks by home-grown Islamists over the past decades proved this point, time and again? Just think of the 7/7 bombings in London: Friendly and peaceful Muslims, decent British citizens, good kids, nice neighbours, decent members of the multicultural U.K. society. And one day they board a subway in rush hour London with a few kilos of home-made explosives in their rucksacks, and with one final “ALLAHU AKBAR!” on their lips, they blast off to paradise.

And as much as we look around, heinous mass murder of civilians remains a predominantly Islamic occupation. Or have you read much about Amish suicide bombers cutting down women and children in crowded market places? Any Catholic militants blowing up civilians in cafes, restaurants and buses? Can you remember when the last Lutheran freedom fighter machine-gunned hotel guests and executed unsuspecting colleagues at work? When did you read last about a group of Jewish extremists using civilian aircraft as weapon of mass destruction? Is anyone able to recall the most recent incident when Buddhist terror gangs blew up commuter trains and executing unsuspecting athletes at international sport events?

Surely not all Muslims are ideologically motivated terrorists and heinous murderers, but even the most indoctrinated 5th columnist has to acknowledge, nearly all terrorism related atrocities these days are committed by Muslims in the name of Islam.

So what is there not to understand, when an increasing number of people – all over the world - criticise the Islamisation of their communities and show open distaste for the symbols of Islam?

Shall we paint a streetscape of the late forties or early fifties of last century, just a few years after VE day? Then we place some Austrian or German migrants and their offspring into the picture, going about their daily business and walking around the shops, streets and parks of London, Amsterdam and Warsaw – wearing SS uniforms and swastika armbands.

Would those showing open dislike for such a display then be called racists, or xenophobic, or perhabs germanophobic?

Has the confusion between tolerance and moral relativity grown so large in our society?

What makes it so difficult for both Muslims and Quislings of the 5th Islamic brigade to understand a growing number of good people in non-islamic countries do not want minarets, mosques and burkas in their communities? Those good people do not wish to be confronted with Muslims dressed up in Islamic fashion and sporting the symbols of the very religious dogma, which so feverishly seeks to murder our brothers and sisters and to destroy our culture and civilisation.

Muslim migrants surely appreciate the absence of deadly fractional fighting so common in their Islamic homelands, they often seek to benefit from generous western social welfare and they favour our advanced health system, access to free education, clean water and the reliable workings of a western society in general. But in showing disrespect for the culture of the host nation, and in their continued refusal to integrate and to become egalitarian and productive members of the communities, which gave them a new home, Muslims instigate cultural divisiveness and separatism. This is a transmutation of apartheid, which many of us strongly dislike and increasingly seek to dismantle.

If Muslims feel compelled to leave their homelands to migrate to non-islamic countries, why not be open towards the ways of the host culture? Why not leave the old garb behind, behave, dress and speak like one indeed wanted to make a new start? Make new friends across all the cultures and become an integrated member of your home country. Why constantly insist on special treatment, privileges and extra allowances? Why constantly insist on being different, why alienate those generous enough to give of their substance, offer asylum, give shelter and the chance for a new beginning? What is wrong with becoming equal among equals? Why don’t we hear more of ‘moderate’ Muslim tell the mullahs and imams and ‘community leaders’, who make a comfortable living from religious separatism and feeding the fire of cultural apartheid and ethnic tensions, to stick their insane medieval dogmas where the sun won’t shine?

But if the egalitarian societies of the West are indeed so racists, intolerant and xenophobic;  what stops the serial complainants from relocating to an Islamic paradise? Why would Muslims risk life and limb to migrate to hostile cultures in the face of all alleged evils we hold for them? Do Muslims perhaps endure the hardship of becoming cultural Kamikaze pilots, because there is indeed Koranic compulsion in global Islamisation. Is this ultimate proof pan-islamism presents a real and present danger to other societies?

Are we to become courageous Islamophobes after all?

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