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Cognitive Dissonance?

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Ignorance, fear, brainwashing, Stockholm Syndrome or cognitive dissonance?

LatifaIn Sunday Life, the Sunday Age magazine July 19  2009  p13, we read the story of  Latifa, a Kurdish Muslim girl brought up in Australia who luckily enjoyed a free Australian life without realising that she was not living according to Islam’s dictates.  Her parents, while in Australia, were not strict Muslims.

With her mother, brother and sister, she moved to Germany where she was raped by a distant cousin, Mikael.   A cousin said that no Muslim male would marry her now as she was nolonger a virgin and that she had to marry the man who took her virginity or be regarded as a whore.   The cousin also talked of honour killings where women are murdered if their husband discovers they are not a virgin.

 Latifa is thankful that she is in a western country.   Clearly she has not heard of the many honour killings of Muslim girls in the west, for a wide range of things including refusing to wear a hijab or wanting to marry someone or simply wanting to be free!  

Next this lucky girl goes to Iraq to live with dad who had become a devout Muslim.  She claims it was like living in a prison as links with the west were forbidden and she couldn’t go anywhere unaccompanied.

She was viewed as a whore  and their Islamic culture was imposed on her.

Her father began to beat her and she feared he would beat her to death.

She prayed 5 times a day and obeyed his rules.   If she dishonoured the family her father said he would kill her without question.

He organised an arranged marriage and she would need to go to hospital to have her virginity tested.  

Those evil westerners (US and Australian) helped her escape and she was flown to Sydney.  She was overwhelmed to have so much FREEDOM.
Stoning of Doaa Khalil Aswad
This Kurdish girl was not so lucky (Stoning of Doaa Khalil Aswad)

She could wear what she wanted;  she went dancing;  she swam naked at Bondi beach;  ‘after being dressed like a nun, it was a symbol of liberation’  (remember, most nuns nolonger dress that way and those that do choose it freely as adults!)

Her brother in Germany called her a whore and said he would kill her for dishonouring the family.

She has no contact with her parents but still looks over her shoulder sometimes ... she has nighmares and suffers from anxiety.

But wait for it folks - this girl who has experienced the real Islam in an Islamic country is still a practising Muslim and is studying Islamic studies and psychology at university and has ‘seen the beauty of Islam.’

Of course anyone studying Islam at our universities will only get a rosy view as such departments are funded, controlled and assessed by Muslims and their appeasers and enablers.   Sharia operates so there is no critical analysis of Islam.  

I don’t know what this young woman is thinking but her photograph shows her with hair flowing around her face, makeup and showy ear-rings yet the true Muslim woman must veil, make-up is forbidden  and she cannot make dazzling display.. (Randa's 'old fasioned values Part 2 - 02/07/07)Randa

Likewise dancing and swimming naked are also big no, no’s!  Women cannot expose their body and men and women cannot be in close contact  so no dancing unless sex segregated at the least or unless she is doing a provocative dance to excite her husband  (Naomi Wolf’s excursion into self-delusion - 08-09-08)!

One can ask, is she behaving like Salman Rushdie, also threatened with death for challenging Islam, who admitted he only said he was still Muslim in the hope that they wouldn’t kill him?
Is she still so fearful that she displays Stockholm syndrome and thinks that by taking on the religion of her oppressors she can ‘see the beauty’ in their view and avoid punishment?
Is she suffering such brainwashing that no matter how much of Islam’s perversion, sadism, misogyny, repression and totalitarianism she experiences she cannot give it up?
Is there no part of her brain that knows that the freedom she experiences here is due to our Western, Judeo-Christian society that is in direct contrast to Islam’s utterly repressive text, practices and laws?

Of course being Muslim in appeasing Australia has great benefits:  there’s the media exposure, the guaranteed job particularly at uni where you don’t even need to be qualified (note Waleed Aly and wife Susan Carland both lecturers now being fast tracked for PhD’s in Islam of course) and what business would dare refuse a Muslim (Islam: Threat to small business - 31-07-08).  
Yes it’s a great talking point and the Muslim can always do those endless talks on lovely Islam, enjoying all our freedom while working to bring in the most repressive, evil ideology the world has ever seen which will take freedom away.   And there’s endless money for any ‘dawa’ promoting  research, interfaith, harmony or multicultural (read Islamic) activity you can dream up.  Yes the perks of being Muslim are really something in Australia but what happens when Islamic power really starts to bite and poison?  In Britain Muslim females have already been denied equal inheritance and beaten wives have withdrawn their charges (well Islam loves to keep families together until the male is sick of the female that is...)

No doubt she will find a group who claim to be Muslim while enjoying the freedom of the west, some because they are ignorant of Islam and others because they know the true Islam but are engaged in taqqiya, lying about Islam to trick others into joining and to promote the Islamic takeover of Australia.
Afghan Rape Victim
The family of a 14-year-old Afghan rape victim face prosecution after her foetus was removed without anaesthetic. The mother and brother of the girl are accused of cutting her open with a razor blade to perform an abortion.Rape victims and their families in Afghanistan often feel ashamed to report what has happened because people may think the victim consented to sex.
Sex outside marriage is illegal under Shariah.

If I was Latifa I’d be looking over my shoulder a lot.  Some Muslims may regard her as a ‘hypocrit’ ie a person who claims they are Muslim but does not adhere to Islam’s dictates.    Hypocrits are despised (eg hypocrits in the lowest depths of hell Koran 4.145;   48.6).  She shouldn’t take taxis as in Europe Muslim taxi drivers have been involved in finding ‘rebellious’ Muslim girls with deadly results.

Some text and laws to show that Latifa experienced the not so beautiful, real Islam:  
1) Rape:  Muslims will of course be quick to point out that rapists (of Muslim women) face death under Islam but what they won’t mention is the extreme difficulty a female has in accusing a male nor will they mention the horror females face if the accusation goes against them.  If she was alone with a male, she has no chance at all.

Mohammad apparently did not accept the testimony of women in cases of marriage, divorce, and huddad---the punishments set for adultery, fornication, false accusation , apostasy, drinking wine, theft, robbery..).   (Ibn Warraq 1995 p 310).  

While thousands of women are imprisoned in Pakistan for sexual impropriety, this is not the case for men whose word overrides that of a woman.

 Hadiths tell us not to accept the witness of women:
 ***Malik's Muwatta: Book 41, Number 41.4.16a:
Malik said, "The position with us about a woman who is found to be pregnant and has no husband and she says,  'I was forced,' or she says, 'I was married,' is that it is not accepted from her and the hadd is inflicted on her  unless she has a clear proof of what she claims about the marriage or that she was forced or she comes bleeding if she was a virgin or she calls out for help so that someone comes to her and she is in that state or what  resembles it of the situation in which the violation occurred." He said, "If she does not produce any of those,  the hadd is inflicted on her and what she claims of that is not accepted from her." ...
Honour Killing
Every two weeks a young woman is killed in Jordan alone in the name of family honour  

If there are no male witnesses the testimonies of any number of women without the testimony of a man are worthless. This means that if a woman is raped and she cannot produce any male witnesses, (which is logically almost always the case) she cannot witness against her assailant. However, her testimony can be regarded as confession of  ‘illegal sex’ (fornication, adultery)  and can be used against her. Also if the victim of rape becomes pregnant, that is evidence of the adultery and she could be charged and punished with death by stoning.  Recall the famous case of Amina Lawal who was sentenced by the Islamic courts of Nigeria to be stoned as soon as her infant was weaned. The father of the child could not be charged with adultery because her testimony was not enough. This case came to the attention of the public, but thousands of such cases have happened and continue to happen unnoticed. eg In Dubai (Age 4/1/03) and Pakistan (Age 8/5/02) women who were raped were charged with adultery but  their rapists/co-adulterers were not charged.

 The consequences of claiming rape can be deadly ie she could be locked up until dead, stoned, executed or flogged (all according to Islamic law) or honour killed according to Islamic custom.   

In Palestine, 13 year old Rofayda, raped often by her brothers and impregnated was then honour killed by her mother for bringing shame on the family (Philadelphia Inquirer 21/11/03).  

Iran regularly hangs girls for ‘crimes against their chastity.’

As for her having to marry the man who took her virginity, he can marry her if he wants to but he is not compelled to.  

Muslims frequently cite Old Testament text written 1-2 THOUSAND years BEFORE Islam claiming it condones rape and allows a man to marry the female he raped –this is not the case.   Deuteronomy chapter 22 has verses condemning  those who make false accusations and sets a number of conditions eg verses 22-24 sentences adulterers to death; verses 25-27 says if the woman was forced (rape) only the man dies; and in verses 28 -29 we find that if a man takes hold of and lays with a woman who is a virgin and not betrothed AND they are found, he must pay her father and marry her because he has humbled her.  This is not a forced marriage following rape as Muslims claim (detail of the original text, translations and meanings see Answering Islam) .  Deuteronomy 21:10-14 even states that if at war and captives are taken and you desire a captive, you must marry her first she is not a slave but a wife and you must wait a month before any sex.   This is in stark contrast to Islam where the Koran, hadith, sira, Mohammad’s fine example and laws allow the Muslim male to rape any female taken in battle, bought or given as a slave (Muslims can be slaves).
In Christianity Jesus’ central theme was ‘do unto others’ etc which clearly precludes acts like rape.  Jesus never raped, nor did he tell his followers to do so in stark contrast to Islam 600-700 years later.

Remember, ancient Old Testament text is put into historical perspective and not applied today.  Allah’s word and laws and Mohammad’s example apply for eternity.  Women’s inequality in Islam keeps rapes hidden.

2) Marry virgins:
Young DivorceeIslamic law certainly recommends marrying a virgin and forbids marrying fornicators:
**Reliance of the traveller.   Law m1.4 p 510.   ‘It is recommended for a man to marry a virgin  (though a comment by sheikh ‘abd al-wakil Durubi states-though it is permissible to marry a nonvirgin even if she has not previously married) who is FERTILE!!.........
(Remember, the divorce rate is very high in the Islamic world so girls/women can be married then divorced by a few words then married to the next male and so on so of course some will marry nonvirgins who have been married before but they would expect a virgin if it was her first marriage!)

*Law p 12.1 (3)  ‘The fornicator shall NOT wed other than a fornicatress or idolatress.  The fornicatress, none shall wed her but a fornicator or idolator.  That is unlawful for believers.”  (Koran 24.3)

*Koran 24.3 forbids believers from marrying adulterers-fornicators, polytheists, pagans or idolators.

Many western Muslim women resort to hymen repair (Eternal virgins for an Islamic earthly paradise (10-07-08)  

3) Beat women: There’s so much text eg Mohammad struck child wife Aisha HARD   - (04-04-09);  No Women’s equality in Islam   - (12-04-09) and there’s much more!

4) Arranged marriage:
   Yes a female (virgin, nonvirgin, prepubescent) can ask to marry a suitable match (there’s a list of  requirements eg Muslim!) *Law m3.9 .   BUT

 ‘Guardians may marry a virgin to a man without her consent’ p 522
*Law m3.13 (1) p 522  ‘the only guardians who may compel their charge to marry are a virgin bride’s father or father’s father, compel meaning to marry her to a suitable match without her consent.’

It recommends asking permission IF she has reached puberty!  A virgin’s silence is considered as permission.

* Law m8.2 p 533 says a guardian should not marry his prepubescent daughter to someone for less than the amount typically received as  marriage payment by similar brides....

5)  Don’t leave the house unveiled or perfumed or adorned:  Reliance of the Traveller *law m2.3  p 512., *Law 52.1 (272) p 982 –it’s an enormity.

6)  Muslims are forbidden from looking at ‘marriageable’ others eg *Reliance of the Traveller laws m2.3 and m2.6  P 512-513 and Law 2.8 p 513 and  law f5.3 p121.  Once married you cannot look at your spouse’s genitals (*Law m 2.4 p 512)  but you may look at a woman’s face and hands before going through with the marriage (to check her beauty and robustness)  eg *Law m2.2.

 Islam regards a woman as naked unless the whole body except the hands and face are covered (*Law f5.3 p 121).  It is OBLIGATORY to clothe one’s nakedness (from men, jinn and angels) even when alone except when there is a need to undress (* Law f5.1 p121).    

Nude swimming on a public beach Latifa?

7) touching:   Law m2.9 p 513-514.whenever looking is unlawful, so is touching. –no shaking hands.   

Dancing with men Latifa?
8)  Women cannot leave the house without permission and must be accompanied by an unmarriageable male if they travel a certain distance. *Law m10.3 p 538;  *law 52.1 (99-100)

*Law  p 42.2  p 682   notes  ‘It is a condition for the permissibility of her going out that she take NO measures to enhance her beauty, and that her figure is concealed or altered to a form unlikely to draw looks from men or attract them.   Allah most high says “remain in your homes and do not display your beauty as women did in the pre-islamic period of ignorance’ (Koran 33.33).   

Remember, Mohammad’s example and what he demanded of his wives (veiled) is the perfect example for all.  Women who disobey face physical punishment, beating.

9) honour killing:
  killing females to preserve family honour receives no or little punishment in Islamic countries eg Jordan, under the Palestinian authority, Iraq etc.
Nude Swimming
Nude swimming on a public beach Latifa?
Rarely do such killings occur in other cultures.   Honour killing is supposedly supported by text such as Koran 4.15  which locks up women accused of lewdness until they die  and   Koranic text telling Muslims to prevent/stop evil and Koran 4.34 which allows men to physically punish females.  What could be more evil than a sexually active woman?
(see “Honor killing”: is it Islamic? - 07/01/08.0 ).  See the gallery of death at Atlas Shrugs).
Those interested in a discussion of disturbed Islamic sexual psychology, hatred and control of women, shame, and links to western relativism, left/right politics might enjoy  Symposium: Murdering Women For “Honor”

Some claim a religion is what people make it (an individual religion for each person?) but this is only true to a point as religions are different and are based on the teachings and example of their founder.  I haven’t read of a more repulsive individual than Mohammad and his examples and claims of revelations from allah are an horrific example but Muslims regard his example as a perfect one to follow.

One can ask WHY Latifa who seems to enjoy our freedom and equality so much, follows a religion that promises to destroy it and is so monstrously misogynist forever.
Remember sharia is ‘the way’ a Muslim must follow to be a Muslim.  Simply calling yourself one isn’t enough.  

1) Al-Misri, Ahmad ibn Naqib;  Reliance of the Traveller:  A classic manual of Islamic sacred law.   In Arabic with facing English Text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller  amana publications  Maryland USA 1994

2)  The Holy Bible:  authorized King James Version.  Printed in great Britain by Collins ‘ Clear-Type Press.

3) The Noble Quran:   endowment for allah’s sake from the custodian of the two holy mosques......King Fahd Complex.   Supplied free from the government of Saudi Arabia.

4)  Koran and hadith from  HERE
5)  Warraq, Ibn:  Why I am not a Muslim  Prometheus Books  New York 1995
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