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Who has been desensitised?

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Crown Prosecutor Richard MaimentSydney is currently hosting Australia’s latest trial of “home-grown” terrorists, put in the dock for their intention to create havoc and commit mass murder in the Harbour City. In the name of their God and Prophet.

A newspaper article in the SMH dissects the Prosecution’s opening address. In that address the Crown Prosecutor, Richard Maidment, SC, tells us that the terrorists accumulated “literature” and “materials” aimed at  desensitising  themselves for a violent strike in Australia.

I know a little of Court procedure, so I know Maidment has to drag every truth out for a jury, cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’. He cannot assume the jury know anything. In fact, the jury system operates on a contrivance that the jury actually does not know a thing – is completely a “blank canvass”. So, the Prosecutors job is to paint the picture. No broad brush-strokes only painstakingly accurate details.

But, I’d have thought there was no need to tell anyone that Muslims read in order to be desensitised. From birth they are indoctrinated in the reasons for killing infidels. They learn of no other option for the kufar besides conversion or death.


They get this reading from their ‘holy book’ – the Koran.

What “humanity” has islam ever shown a non-believer? What “Human Rights” does it accord an infidel? You can not subject entire nations and people groups to that sort of irrational classification and maltreatment unless you are completely desensitised to their basic humanity.

AzzamMaidment has to bring into Court all the other things these grateful immigrants – (and even if they were born here, I maintain their religion means they can never be Australian) -were ‘reading’ in order to desensitise themselves for the grand task at hand. We learn how they gathered footage of beheadings, executions and extremist literature, authored by Osama Bin Laden and the now deceased Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

They have apparently sat in rapturous awe, bedazzled by the eloquence of the songs, poems, and books of Doctor Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, a fundamentalist credited with reviving the violent jihad movement.

Much of the literature referred to the "obligation" of Muslims to undertake military training in preparation for jihad. Other writings favored by these Social Security parasites venerate "martyrdom operations", the Islamic term for suicide bombing. One document called for Muslims to "spill the blood" of Allah's enemies, another detailed how to conduct a suicide attack, extolling the advantages,  "the element of surprise", which would allow the killing of  "as many of the enemy as possible". Still another document detailed the dragging of an "infidel", tied by his leg to a car, through the streets of a town in Saudi Arabia and it also eulogised over slitting the throats of Hindus and Filipino Christians.

But, this is all standard stuff. There’s nothing new here. We know this is what they believe.

Does anyone think Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, Osama Bin Laden, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, Sheik Khalid Yasin or our very own Sheik Feiz Mohammed invented any of this stuff? (reference)

No Muslims would EVER DARE add one word to the Koran or the teachings of Mohamed. If they were to be so foolish, their fate would be immediate and chillingly brutal, and they know it!

The kuffar - the worst word ever
Sheikh Feiz Muhammad: "Kaffir is the worst word ever written, a sign of infidelity, disbelief, filth, a sign of dirt." 

The Koran is, as we are constantly told by Islam’s best and brightest, the inviolable word of God. In fact, it is a pre-existent text, pre-dating man and the Earth. It has always existed.

 Don’t touch that!!!

And, they didn’t.

The 5 wanna-be jihadiis, Khaled Cheikho, Moustafa Cheikho, Mohamed Ali Elomar, Abdul Rakib Hasan, and Mohammed Omar Jamal – all good Australian boys who love their mothers – did not need to purchase one Osama video to learn if mass murder was off the menu. They didn’t need to buy a tape of Abdullah Yusuf Azzam’s ‘poetry’ to hear this stuff in couplet form. They could have saved their Social Security cheques and not paid to hear Sheik Feiz Mohammed urging the indoctrination of babies into suicide bombers. There was no need to import a video of Sheik Khalid Yasin teaching that jihad is a sacred duty.

Justice Anthony Whealy
New South Wales Supreme Court judge Justice Anthony Whealy listens to a member of counsel in Parramatta Court, west of Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008. The judge presiding over the trial of five Sydney men accused of a terrorist conspiracy has told the jury to clear any anti-Muslim bias from their minds Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008.

 All of that, and much more besides, is contained in the Koran.

There’s no shortage of example about how to treat the infidel, as you peruse the ramblings of Mohamed.

I received an article today, written by Bill Warner. It begins with this question:

“What is the “real” Islam? Is it the Islam of the nice Muslim at work? Or is it the Islam of Osama bin Laden?”

He continues:

“To get a logical answer, we must have a logical basis for analysis. What sources are available to answer the question? We can toss out the media and all of its answers since they generally quote apologist “experts.” But is there an expert we can trust? Yes, there is--Mohammed. The most fundamental statement that can be made about Islam is: there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is His prophet.”

Would anyone believe a 21st century follower of Mohamed would dare add an interpretation to those words? As I said, it’s a case of “Don’t touch that”!


“How important is the Koran? It contains about 153,000 words, the Sira (by Ibn Ishaq) contains about 292,000 words and the Hadith has 646,000 words (using the Bukhari text). So the text purported to be from Allah is about 14% of the total of the Trilogy and the Sunna (Mohammed’s words and deeds) is 86% of the total. Now these are only a quantitative measure, but still it points out how important Mohammed is compared to Allah, based upon the amount of text.”
“This is born out further by noticing that the Koran does not contain enough information to practice even one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Only the Sunna (primarily the Hadith for religious practice) tells the Muslim how to worship. So the statistical measure shows that Islam is quite properly referred to as  Mohammedanism.”

It becomes more evident, in case you haven’t been following world events for the last x number of years, just how central Mohammed isBill Warner to everything a Muslim is and does. The “perfect example”, his actions and words not only cannot be challenged, they cannot be improved upon. Mohammed is, in every sense THE ultimate role model. Gospel!!

“….another fact leaps from the page. Very little of the Koran is devoted to how to be a Muslim, the religion of Islam. Instead, the majority of the Koran is about kafirs, non-Muslims. Kafirs are the worst of the creation. Allah hates kafirs and plots against them. Kafirs can be tortured, murdered, robbed, raped and enslaved. The Koran is fixated on kafirs, as was Mohammed.
To measure the Koranic fixation on kafirs, let’s measure the fixation by counting the amount of text devoted to them. In Mecca an astounding 67% of the text is devoted to the kafir. In Medina 51% was about kafirs. The amount of text in the entire Koran devoted to kafirs is 61%.
As an aside, Islam excludes kafirs in every way from its religious practice. Since the kafir is outside of Islam, the term political Islam is used to describe the doctrine of Islam as it is applied to the “others”, the kafirs. So 61% of the Koran is about political Islam, not religious Islam.”

Not to overstate the obvious, Mohamed dictates how a Muslim must behave towards the kufar and Da’ar el-Harb. The Muslim needs no other injunctions, nor does he seek any other advice. All he needs to know, in fact, all he wants to know, about kufar has already been written for him.


“The Sira shows the importance of Islam’s political nature. Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for 13 years in Mecca and gained only 150 followers. He then moved to Medina where he became a politician and warrior. After 10 years of violence he became ruler of all Arabia without a single enemy left standing. He was involved in an event of violence every 6 weeks for the last 9 years of his life. Statistical conclusion—Islam’s success came from war and politics, not religion.”
“Simple statistics also reveal the true nature of the political/religious idea of jihad. When the word jihad is used, Muslims say that there are two kinds of jihad. There is the religious jihad, referred to as the greater jihad--the inner struggle against personal problems. The war jihad is referred to as the lesser jihad.

Well, the Hadith of Bukhari gives us all of the tactical details of jihad. Using a simple counting method shows that 3% of the hadiths are about the inner struggle, whereas, 97% of the hadiths are about jihad as war. So is jihad the inner struggle? Yes, 3%. Is jihad the war against kafirs? Yes, 97%”.

Crown Prosecutor Richard Maidment need not fill the head of his jurors with extraneous materials gathered by furtive men in secret, read in clandestine group meetings and reinforced by pirated videos from outlawed psychotics. All he need do is present a chronologically edited, logically sequenced Koran to the Jury…. And let them read it for themselves. No sane person could conclude other than that the Koran is hate speech.

We Australians must fight to have this book banned. It is as odious and as destructive as Mein Kampf, the various  rantings of Marxists, Maoists and Troskyites or the vilifying propaganda of “The Protocols”  but, unlike those barbarous texts which are freely available still, this book passes itself off as a religious text.


Murder Manual
9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah ? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph. 
If you follow the Koran, there is no place for you in Australia.

Our Government accords it the dignified place of religious doctrine, yet in it are all the directives a zealous bigot needs in order the wage war on his own nation and society. No sane person or Government should accord such thoughts the place of “religious doctrine” but, in Australia, we allow it to masquerade as such.

Main Kampf, and many other books of the same ilk, are freely available in Australia, and rightly so. They belong to a known classification – political ideologies. We do not fear ideas in the West. Such writings are, in a sense, necessary in order that counter arguments can be proposed and birthed.

Religion is in another category but, as Warner clearly demonstrates, Islam is NOT a religion. It merely masks itself as such.
It’s texts, the Koran, Sira and Hadith, are hate speech. They need to be classified as such. WE need to make it clear – Islam is a political ideology.

If not, if these texts remain approved, we have NO EXCUSE when the next terror trial rolls around, and this time there is blood flowing in Sydney. The Koran and it’s mad inspirer, Mohammed, mean one thing only to our society….death.
If you follow the Koran, there is no place for you in Australia.


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