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Clash of Civilisations: Waleed Aly Part A

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WalSome further points from Waleed Aly’s ‘Samuel Alexander Lecture’ for Wesley College 19/5/08 (available on video) .
(The ‘Mohammad cartoons will be dealt with separately)

 In 1993 ‘Foreign Affairs’ published Huntinton’s article entitled ‘The clash of civilizations?’ where he posed the question whether conflicts between civilisations would dominate the future of world politics ‘but in the book he gives the answer, showing not only how clashes between civilisations are the greatest threat to world peace....’ (Huntington, Clash of civilisations, 1998 back cover).  Hence the ? was not lost as Wal suggests  for Huntington clearly sees such a threat as comments from the book show and he sees a particular threat from Islam-a threat that has existed since Islam began  (see part B for summary of book re: Islam/West)

Wal suggests there is no ‘innate’ clash of civilisations because if there was there would be no need to predict them.  On the contrary, because of the innate differences in civilisations, particularly Islam and the rest, there is every reason to predict these clashes becoming pronounced again (as in past) as Islam ‘rises’ and attempts to extend its control worldwide.  Huntington clearly describes the civilisation fault lines and the violence along them particularly those bordering with Islam since Islam began (part B).  
Efraim Karsh (Islamic Imperialism: a history 2006) details Islam’s imperialist aims from Mohammmad “I was ordered to fight all men until they say There is no god but allah” (Mohammad’s farewell address,  p1) till the present.  Samuel Huntington Others have always feared the sword of Islam.

Even the so-called golden age of Islam wasn’t golden for those living it eg Granada 1066 Muslims slaughter all the Jews (~5000 adults, children, babies) because a Jew was elected to a position of power and infidels cannot have authority over Muslims.
“The term “la Guerra fria” (cold war) was coined by 13th century Spaniards to describe their ‘uneasy co-existence’ with Muslims in the Meditteranean.” (Huntington; Clash of Civilisations.  p207)

Huntington notes that the most violent ‘fault lines are between Islam and all others  eg. p183, 208, 209, 312...(part B)
And Islam separates the world into dar al-islam and dar al-harb-the abode of war p 32 (you better believe it!)  He notes that others can get along but:
“Wherever one looks at the perimeter of Islam, Muslims have problems living peaceably with their neighbours” p 256  “Muslims make up about 1/5th of the world’s population but in the 1990s they have been far more involved in intergroup violence than the people of any other civilisation.   The evidence is overwhelming.”   P256
“Islam’s borders ARE bloody, and so are its innards.” P 258
Huntington then discusses Islamic society and its hostility to others, particularly to western liberal values (Part B)

While Huntington discusses Islam as a civilisational block united by ‘religion’, Wal suggests there is no unified Islam. And Muslim allegiance to the ‘ummah’ above their own country?  And the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) and the interlocked web of ‘charities’ and funds distribution for Muslims worldwide-including spending on weapons but Islam isn’t united!!! (LINK) Islam isn’t  a religion it’s a political organisation and legal system that dictates and subjugates.  

Wal mentions the white power movement but completely omits the white, Arab Islamic power movement that threatens all.   Remember, Mohammad is often described in Islamic text as white, Arabs are the best of people (Islam is racist - 29/01/08), people with white faces go to paradise and those with black faces go to hell (Koran 3.106, 39.60) etc and Islam must rule the world!  

Amazingly Wal notes that you can live in Australia but still be living in the political world you left.   And don’t we know it!!   Yes, people can occupy our land but thanks to the internet, and other media, belong to a dangerous alternate ideology that teaches hatred and the need to destroy the host nation.  Note the horrific anti British/European/Western signs held by ordinary Muslim protesters in free Britain!!  Islamic text says ‘don’t be friends with Jews or Christians’ and worse.  A 4 Corners program 9/6/03 showed that Islamic terrorists were active in Australia before the Olympics, September 11th or war with Iraq and had infiltrated mosques and Islamic schools.   Muslim communities shown had little intention of becoming part of our Australian community but remained in Islamic enclaves which, according to an interviewee, would serve as a base to demand an Islamic state and eventually take control of Australia!  Huntington noted the danger of Islamic schools and Islam in schools AND the danger of multiculturalism with its destruction of society when a country is turned into a set of tribes with different values etc!  (Part B)

Two DnniesThere may be a ‘forum of cultures’ in the west (though telling the nasty truth about Islam is greatly inhibited as Wal knows from his involvement in prosecuting the two pastors ) but Wal fails to note that the Islamic world blocks alternate views/cultures.  The free practice/preaching of other religions is NOT allowed (or apostasy from Islam) and others are banned or subjugated/restricted.  Promotion of Islam coupled with hatred for alternatives is part of daily life from birth  (and it’s becoming like this in the west!!!).

 Wal admits that differences between religions are real and if you look for a clash, you will find it.  We don’t have to look very far Wal, a short read of Islamic text, Mohammad’s fine example and Islamic laws soon exposes them.

Wal papers over it all with appeals to ‘human nature’ whatever that might be and that we want the same things but just have different ways of going about it!   Yes, sir, I just want our tiny daughters handed to Muslim men to be enjoyed and ourselves to be ploughed like fields in any way that suits the Muslim male, beaten, enslaved, raped, our property stolen as booty and more as Islam allows!! (A Saudi marriage officiant said on Lebanese TV Muslim men could marry a 1year old but when to have sex varies according to ‘environment and tradition’. 25/6/2008    8 year old Saudi girl married to man in 50s wants divorce Herald Sun 25/8/2008 –remember the Yemeni girl?  
Many others - all allowed under Islamic law! (Islam & Child marriage - 22/05/07, Child marriage-Mohammad’s exemplary example - 08/11/07 Massive worldwide paedophile ring untouched - 11/04/08).

I don’t want to live under the perverted, sadistic, misogynist, racist, intolerant, totalitarian ideology of Islam.  Wrong Wal, we DON’T ALL WANT THE SAME THINGS!

The same values???

He then talks of egocentricity and dehumanisation;

Well the west allows the free practice of religions and accords all equality under the law - Islam does NOT.
You couldn’t find more dehumanisation of others than occurs in Islamic text, Mohammad’s fine example, and today’s Islamic media -text, video, cartoons, books even children’s stories and programs!

Actually Wal, I think there is something wrong in following Mohammad’s example, Islamic text and laws that allow marriage/sex with prepubescent children, beating, slavery, polygyny, thieving and lying to infidels etc.. –call me egocentric and dehumanising if you like!

Huntington notes that Human Rights, individual freedom, separation of religion and state, parliamentary democracy with special rights, rule-of-law (very different to rule by religious law-sharia) etc are unique to the west and suggests the west was naive, arrogant, to think that such things were ‘universal’  and that the worldwide population would also want these things (most eg Islam don’t).

Mo & Aisha
Actually Wal, there is something wrong in following Mohammad’s example

However Islam claims it’s ‘universal’ -the world needs its doctrines and laws as Islam’s ‘morals’ are universal morals and their laws are the laws of god.  Islam’s attitudes, morals and laws are very different to those in the west.  Islam has no human rights and the Islamic world doesn’t adhere to the UNHR but wrote their own Muslim ‘rights’ where Muslim men are superior, women and infidels subjugated.  

Wal disgustingly says that if there’s an Australian serial killer, we don’t ask what’s wrong with WHITE Australian culture, we ask what’s wrong with the person.   Gee, could he be hoping that people say oh then we shouldn’t blame Islam for Islamic terrorists/murders who kill for allah?    Well, actually if WHITE Australian culture taught people to go out and kill then we would ask what’s wrong with the culture-but it doesn’t, it says murder is against the law.   Islam, clearly tells Muslims to fight others until the others proclaim allah/Mohammad and only then will their blood/life and property be safe.   Islam also offers enticements to kill infidels eg booty and slaves on earth, and a superior place in that eternal brothel in the sky!

But it doesn’t stop there - next Wal launches into semantics around ‘holy war’ telling us that it doesn’t translate to jihad.  I admit that the term ‘holy war’ didn’t exist in classical Arabic usage where war was ‘harb’ and holy was ‘muqaddas’  but let’s get real here as the term jihad is usually followed in Islamic text by the phrase ‘in the way of god’ it is reasonable to translate it as holy war and many Muslims past and present do so.    I agree, there’s nothing holy about it but classical Islamic theologians and jurists and many today (unless selling Islam to the west) also understand jihad as a military war to spread Islam.  Nothing to do with Islam

Jihad is how Islam interacts with others and this started with Mohammad.  Mohammad abused the beliefs of others and threatened them if they failed to convert or live as subjugated others.   
Eg  Muslim, Book 1, No. 33;  Bukhari, vol1, Book 8, No. 387;  Abu Dawud  Book 14, No. 2635 re jihad
Muhammad said, "I have been ordered to fight against people until they say that "there is no god but Allah", that "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah", they pray, and pay religious taxes. If they do that, their lives and property are safe."  

Eg. Muslim Book 19, No 4294: recounts how Mohammad told his military leaders to make ‘holy war’ in the way of allah and to ask the enemies 3 things - convert, pay the jizya or if they refuse, fight them.

Today Osama bin Laden calls America to Islam or else!  Gee where did he get that idea?

The Ayatollah Khomeini, quoting the Koran said:Khomeini
‘Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled and incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country of the world.  But those who study Islamic holy war will know why Islam wants to conquer the whole world…. those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam councils against war.  Those (who say this) are witless.....  Islam says: kill the unbelievers … Kill them (the non-Muslims), put them to the sword and scatter (their armies)…. Islam says whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and the shadow of the sword!  People cannot be made obedient except by the sword! The sword is the key to paradise which can be opened only for holy warriors! There are hundreds of (koranic) psalms and hadiths (sayings of the prophet) urging Muslims to value war and to fight...(Ibn Warraq 1995 P11-12,   quoting Amir  Taheri  pp226-227  Holy Terror London 1987)

Yes there are some bad spots in Judeo-Christian history but NOT the endless jihad against others to advance Islam (omitted by Wal) that is central to Islam (Bostom 2005; Gabriel 2002;  Sookhdeo  2007; Spencer 2005).  No such doctrine exists in Christianity (see below).  

Who cares what it’s called Wal!!!   While Wal didn’t have the opportunity to explain why jihad isn’t ‘holy war’ (he said he could...) I don’t have the thousands of pages that it would take to list all the text of abuse, threats, violence towards others etc from primary Islamic sources-koran, hadith/sunna, sira, laws plus the commentaries, later writers and quotes from speeches right to the present plus the list of unending violence by pious Muslims throughout history to today or the other forms of jihad (demographic, economic or via infiltration, Islamization and internal destruction of the society of others) to ‘offensively’ spread allah’s rule!  
Wal links holy war with medieval Christians, and suggests the ‘marker’ of holy war was killing non-believers.   Ie Nasty west is responsible and you just try to claim your nasty past fits those sweet, victim Muslims.   For the first 300 years Christians were persecuted – then worse, Islam!  The first crusade was 1098 to reclaim land and protect/defend Christians against the ongoing attacks by flower - throwing Muslims who were constantly throwing flowers across the middle-east, the Byzantine empire, many parts of Europe, Africa, Asia!   Christianity’s bad moments are not due to its text as, unlike Mohammad, Jesus never killed nor did he tell his followers to do so nor did he force conversions or extort money.  Christianity has no doctrine that demands such things unlike Islam!  Did later Christians learn conversion by conquest from Muslims?

Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406 Muslim historian) defined Jihad as ‘a religious duty, because of the universalism of the (Muslim) mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or force.’   And contrasted this with the doctrine of the Christians and Jews, asserting that-‘ The other religious groups did not have a universal mission, and the holy war was not a religious duty to them, save only for the purposes of defense’ (.cited from  ‘The Muqaddimah’ in Global Jihad, Sookhdeo 2007 p 78)

(Ibn Khaldun also described black Africans as “close in their nature to dumb animals”- Karsh p46)

Maududi, (Pakistani, great Muslim intellectual of the 20th century)  
"Islam is a revolutionary doctrine and system that overturns governments. It seeks to overturn the whole social order … and establish its structure anew … Islam seeks the whole world. It is not satisfied by a piece of land but demands the whole universe … Islamic jihad is at the same time offensive and defensive… The Islamic party does not hesitate to utilize the means of war to implement its goal."(Al-Jihad fi Sabil Allah, [‘Jihad in the Path of Allah’] Cairo 1977, pp. 23, 29, 51).

Wal tells us that the Umayyads who ruled  650-750 (661-750?) conquering a large territory, didn’t force conversion and ruled as a minority who only wanted others to live under their rule.......and they were highly disliked by the Abbasids who followed.   Wow, should we conclude that Islam never forces conversions and those nasty, violent Ummayads (still better than Christians) were disliked by the lovely, true Muslim Abbasids??

The Umayyads (based in Damascus)  ruled as a military garrison but perhaps they didn’Dinka Slavest ‘force conversions’ because   a) there was no set ‘Islamic’ religion - there are NO korans from the 7th century anywhere in the world (yet Christianity has masses of text from the previous 600 years).  Indeed prior to 750, over 100 years after Mohammad there are no verifiable Muslim documents (LINK).    A Koran described as the earliest known complete Koran, dated to 13th century was sold at Christies, London (London Lite 24/10/07)    b)  they were small in number and extortion paid better.   c) the Umayyads weren’t religious anyway.  (exMuslim Ibn Warraq notes the Umayyads were regarded as godless, and claims Islam as a set of dogmas etc didn’t exist till later p243.  Ie bits of text of some type possibly existed but no full religion as such!
The Abbasids (Baghdad based 750-1258) were violent, highly religious and had an inquisition. They were intolerant of other religions and set up a theocratic state (Warraq p 243).  Wal doesn’t detail their behaviour! Efraim Karsh (p 41-51..2006) notes the development and bending of the ‘sharia’ to suit the needs of the Abbasids, their private indulgence in wine, women and song, the unending battles between tribes, the quest for booty, slaves, plunder and lives of opulence.  Islam probably developed over hundreds of years with self-serving laws becoming allah’s laws.  Sharia founders lived in the 8th, 9th century and laws were set in cement around the 10th  (Sookhdeo 2007 p 55)

Stunningly Wal then states that Osama bin Laden “articulates his position as purely defensive and retaliatory” (kills Americans because they kill Muslims) but gives no qualification at all.   This bald al-Queda propaganda is handed to the audience who should by now be convinced there’s not a clash of civilisations or any problem with Islam---no, the problem is nasty white Christian them trying to put their views onto Islam and poor victim Muslims are just defending themselves!  Is Waleed Aly, Muslim lecturer in terrorism unaware of the translations of the theological writings in Arabic by Osama bin Laden and second in command al-Zawahiri which clearly explains to the Muslim world the theological backing for their actions based totally on Islamic text which justifies their offensive jihad against others.  The ‘defensive’ claim is pure propaganda sold to the west yet fails to explain al-Queda’s and associates attacks on Muslims and all others world-wide.  Indeed their theological argument explains why true Muslims must hate and fight all who do not adhere to allah’s religion.   (see The al-Queda reader by Raymond Ibrahim 2007).  

Wal the Liar

Huntington notes several possible explanations for Islamic violence including their text but states that “the Muslim as victim argument however does not explain conflicts between Muslim majorities and non-Muslim minorities in countries such as Sudan, Egypt, Iran and Indonesia.”  P264 Or, attacks against other Muslims;   or attacks against non-Muslims in all Muslim controlled countries;    or attacks on those with no connection to the US/west eg Thailand etc;   or  Beslan’s children;   or the Sudan where Arab Muslims kill, rape and enslave black animists, Christians, and Muslims;   or Muslims given every freedom and right in the west who attack their host country?

Wal finishes up with a shot at secularism suggesting that religion can be a brake on government.   In a totalitarian Islamic state, religion/government /law are all the same so individuals have no protection from their government  -fail to perform as the religion demands then the law/government will punish you!  Since Islam allows a huge array of vile acts (paedophilia, beating and ploughing females, slavery and rape of slaves, etc...) it is clearly no hand or brake on anything.   Who wants to live under laws/text developed probably from the 8th -11th century to legitimate the perversions, loathings, lusts, greed, misogyny, racism (slavery), intolerance and power of some ‘Islamic’ rulers??  

And finally the indigenous plug - nasty west never understands the indigenous population.   Which indigenous population would that be Wal, the Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Pagans etc in the middle-east before Islam obliterated them or the current groups being obliterated in Islamic countries the world over? Or Northern Australia’s Aboriginals who saw themselves as nolonger rich but ‘black, poor, impoverished forever and dependent on the non-Aboriginal other with an evil power that entered and stayed’ following exposure to Muslim Macassan traders who took sea cucumbers and brought alcohol and tobacco and became ‘white and rich.’ (Islam & Aboriginality 1 - 21-05-08 also parts 2 , 3 )

Wal said “I hope by the end of the night you are sufficiently deceived”   No doubt some were!

Make no mistake, the clash is real and incredibly important for it affects how we will live as human beings.  Sadly we do apply our values -tolerance, equality, ‘fair-go’, believe people are telling the truth, that religions are ‘good’ etc to Islam making us gullible, vulnerable and blind to Islam’s danger.   Please see part B for a summary of Huntington’s comments re Islam and the west and some discussion of this critical clash.  



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Warraq, I.  ‘Why I Am Not a Muslim’   Prometheus Books  New York.   1995
See also: Island Paradise or Islamic Hell?



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