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Tuesday, 27 April 2010 20:30 Geoff Dickson
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Every day we see signs that our culture is under threat from Islam, with women in hijabs, Halal food creeping into our Supermarkets, calls for Sharia Law, demands for separate toilets, washrooms, dining areas, prayer rooms at University, and so on. Tragically, we have also seen recently where a young 26yo woman was killed by her hijab in a Go-Kart accident, reinforcing that this headgear is not suitable for Australian conditions. Likewise, a female soccer team is appealing against the world body (FIFA) for discrimination because of the hijab ban. This creeping Sharia is under the radar of the majority of politicians and so is almost uncontested.

It is time for us to make a stand and demand that our politicians act to preserve our culture, our democracy and our way of life.
In this article we will present what we have provided to our federal MP who has agreed to act. As this is an election year, this is a perfect opportunity to act to preserve what we all hold dear.
Islam’s EROSION of Australian CULTURE
Australia, with under 2% Muslim, is already experiencing Apartheid and erosion of our Culture.
In this first document we presented examples of how our culture is threatened by Islam, under categories of 1) apartheid, 2) food industry, 3)Health Services, 4) Jihad / Legal, 5) Social Disorder and 6) Infiltration.
  1. Muslim only toilets in Universities (Monash, La Trobe, Melbourne), airports (Brisbane International) and other public places;
  2. Muslim only washrooms and Muslim only prayer rooms at Universities (Monash, La Trobe and Melbourne for example);
  3. Muslims wanting only Muslim doctors and Dentists (web sites advertise list);
  4. Muslim only swimming pool sessions (public pools)and public beach areas exclusive to Muslim swimmers with Muslim only lifesavers;
  5. Muslim only cemeteries (with plots facing Mecca);
Food Industry
  1. Halal abattoirs and butchers selling meat from un-stunned animals (opposed by RSPCA and Animals Australia);
  2. Halal food in Coles , Woolworths, Aldi and IGA with over 100 lines and growing (products are not easily identified) Yoghurts from Dairy Farmers and Nestle, Bega cheeses, Chocolates from Cadburys and even Vegemite and now all Halal;
  3. Kindergartens banning pork products because of Muslim protests (Canberra Avenue Dandenong,city of Yarra and city of Hume in Melbourne) – parents get no choice;
  4. Fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC and Subway selling Halal only in selected suburbs and banning pork products;
Health Services
  1. Muslim doctors taking a Muslim Oath (not Hippocratic Oath) which commits them to protect the health of Muslims ONLY (available in SA);
  2. Doctors and nurses not using alcohol swabs, nurses wearing long sleeves and not washing properly, wanting to pray 5 times a day, turning hospital beds to face Mecca 5 times a day;
  1. Calls for Sharia Law for civil disputes (as in the UK);
  2. Sharia Finance products with profits diverted to terrorist groups. Sharia Finance was invented by Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization;
  3. Multiple court cases of Muslims planning terror attacks on Australian soil (and the Media downplaying their faith);
  4. Imams in mosques in Perth praising Taliban and urging violent Jihad;
Social Disorder
  1. Women assaulted by Muslims for not wearing the Hijab;
  2. Polygamy – many Muslims have one legal marriage and then other mosque marriages, and then settle their wives in different houses on welfare;
  3. Homosexuals are targeted and bashed by Muslims, because Islam calls for the killing of homosexuals and lesbians;
  4. Muslim taxi drivers sometimes refusing to take passengers with alcohol or guide dogs;
  5. Anti Semitism rises with rising Muslim population, and Muslims call for gas chambers for Jews (Melbourne);
  6. Demanding Islamic festivals like Eid and Ramadan and banning non Muslims from eating when they are fasting;
  7. Opposing Christian symbols like crucifixes in public places (Royal North Shore in Sydney);
  8. Muslims will not donate to Charities if their donation will help an infidel (Victorian bushfires);
  9. Muslims are known to perform female genital mutilation illegally and  yet there is no supervision of this barbaric act;
  10. Mosques are known for hate speech and for planning Jihad, yet there is no supervision of mosques.
  1. Local governments  are infiltrated to influence decisions to build mosques, Madrasses and Cemeteries
  2. State governments are  pressured to change Education, Health and Police practises
  3. Federal government is infiltrated to change Immigration policy and restrict  Freedom of Speech.


Australia is currently safe, but NOT because Multiculturalism is working. It is safe because Muslim numbers are low (below 2%, as per 2006 census).
From the above evidence, the Islamization of Australia is ahead of schedule based on Dr Peter Hammond’s research.


Muslims don’t conform to Multiculturalism anywhere in the World, and are practising APARTHEID in Australia, and this should not be allowed.
Yet, every 3 minutes in a Muslim country a Christian is tortured, and in 2009 over 165,000 Christians were murdered in Muslim countries. Since 1914, the Christian population in the Middle East has dropped from over 26% to 9% through killing and forced migration. Don’t let this happen here.
Erosion of Australian Culture by Islam
This document is an appendum to “Islam’s Erosion of Australian Culture” and provides some graphic evidence to support the claims. Our MP asked for this graphic detail.
  1. Muslim only washrooms and Toilets
  2. Muslim Student Cards at University
  3. Muslim only swimming at Public pools
  4. Muslim Lifesavers in Burqinis
  5. Halal Food in Kindergartens
  6. Hijabs & Niqabs
  7. Anti Semitism and Hatred
  8. Mosques and Islamic Colleges
  9. Female Genital Mutilation
  10. Polygamy
  11. Muslim Rape
  12. Supermarkets and Halal food
  13. Fast Food and Halal food
  14. Sharia Law Courts
  15. Islamic Medical Oath

1. Muslim Only Washrooms / Toilets at University

These photos were taken at La Trobe University Bundoora campus

Whilst campuses throughout Australia boast about liberal thought and multiculturalism, the truth is a lot grimmer. In reality the only thought allowed is that of a narrow Marxist perspective, which instead of fighting racism, which it purports to do, openly supports separation. This overt discrimination which was noticed on a recent visit to a University campus was evident in the form of religious apartheid.

No toilet humour intended here, but not only did they have separate prayer rooms for Muslims but separate toilets as well. To make matters worse all the Muslim toilets had combination locks on, as did the Prayer Rooms, to stop us infidel folk from contaminating the Islamic toilet seats. (source)

2. Muslim Student Card – University
In Western Australia, various multicultural policies on many campuses are ongoing means of gaining advantages for a select few.  Muslims can apply for a special Muslim Student Card. Maybe having a card detailing that they are a student from UWA or Curtin is just somehow not good enough. Or maybe it has another purpose altogether. A Muslim student can purchase the card on line for the sum of $5, the proceeds going towards:

3. Muslim only Swimming
S’women, a new organization which claims to be a swimming program for women of all cultures, was launched last year.  S’Women’s first event was held at the Yeronga Park War Memorial Indoor Pool, Queensland. On the flyer it sells itself as a family day where people can share dishes from all over the world - that is as long as they are halal of course.

It later becomes clear that all cultures mean Islamic cultures, and I am sure a resident of Yeronga who wants to come in a bikini would not be welcome. This apartheid practise is also common in the UK but is totally un-Australian.

4. Muslim Lifesavers in Burqinis
Muslims have designed the burqini for women swimmers.
Muslims are demanding Muslim lifesavers and also want separate beach areas so they don’t have to mix with us infidels. These costumes are definitely un-Australian.

5. Halal Food in Kindergartens
The Canberra Avenue Childcare Centre in Dandenong, Melbourne, is just one of many childcare centres throughout Australia that do not give the parents the option of whether their child has Halal food or not. The City of Yarra and the City of  Hume don’t provide this option either in many of their long day care centres. If you access a childcare centre, you should be given a choice of what your child should or should not be eating. If your child is allergic to peanut butter, you wouldn’t give them peanut butter sandwiches or satay chicken so why should non-Muslim children have to eat sharia compliant food in both state and privately run government funded childcare centres?

6. Hijabs & Niqabs
Consider Rabia Hutchinson: The Grand dame of terror and an extraordinarily bitter woman.  She was married to a senior al-Qaeda member, and lived and worked with the Taliban and Indonesia’s Abu Bakr Bashir.  Rabia took her children to Indonesia seeking pure Islam.  She found a hardline Indonesian boarding school and lived in the compound studying Islam from the pure sources, living under sharia. This dress code is simply un-Australian and should not be tolerated.

7. Anti Semitism and Hatred
At a rally for Gaza on Sunday 19th January a few years ago in Melbourne, a little hijabed tot could be seen holding up a banner, which called for genocide of Jews. Standing next to her was what can only be described as a grim reaper, clothed completely in black with slits for eyes – a being endorsing death and destruction on a massive scale.
Sunday was a warm day, and the tot was wrapped head to toe. The head is the main area for heat loss and the control of body temperature, so this child would have suffered considerably.  Isn’t this child cruelty?  
Police took no action against this blatant hate speech and racism.

8. Mosques and Islamic Colleges
Mosque architecture is foreign to Australia’s culture, and at Islamic colleges children are taught the Quran and that Jews are Apes and Monkeys [Sura 2.65] and Christians are pigs [Bukhari vol 3 book 34 no. 425]. This is hate speech and should not be tolerated.

9. Female Genital Mutilation
FGM is practiced in Australia:  Pamela Bone referred to an interview with Sheik Fehmi al-Imam of the Preston Mosque where she asked him about clitoridectomy and he replied:
"You probably don't need it but women in hot countries do"!!! (Melbourne   Age 21/7/01 p7)
 In Reliance of the Traveller, a classical manual of Islamic sacred law in Arabic we find the Arabic actually says :

"Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris ( Hufaad). "

10. Polygamy
Take Keysar Trad , director of the Lebanese Muslim Association and close adviser to Sheik Taj el-Din Al Hilaly .  Trad resigned from paid work at the end of 1998 and now devotes his time to voluntary community work, assisted by low income support.  He is married to Hanifeh with whom he has nine children.
In 1998 Trad fell in love - "became obsessed", his wife says - with another woman. In desperation, Hanifeh proposed marriage on her husband's behalf to the other woman. Sheik

Fermi – Head Imam in Australia supports Polygamy and Female Genital Mutilation.
On 'Compass'  May 6, 2001,  Sheikh Fehmi described a conversation he had with the late Mr Snedden when he was Australian Attorney General re permission for Islamic clergy to become registered marriage celebrants:

‘… he used to say to me “Well you know Sheikh Fehmi that you Muslims may marry more than one .. we .. have only one wife.” I said to him, “Listen to me please, you may register the first one, and don’t worry about the second one.” He laughed and said “All right, we won’t have anything to do with the second one.” … we had gained recognition from the Attorney General for all our Imams around Australia from that year onward.’

Leading Islamic figures have multiple wives and collect multiple welfare benefits. This is wrong.

11. Muslim Rape
Sheik Taj Din Al Hilaly (the former head Imam) has blamed immodestly dressed women who don't wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and likened them to abandoned "meat" that attracts voracious animals. Sydney's controversial Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali has been interviewed on Egyptian television saying that Australians are liars, unjust and do not support democracy or freedom. He also stated - more openly than he had in Australia - that the Muslim men convicted of rape in a well  publicised Sydney case were innocent and simply 'arranged to meet' the girl  they raped 'in a public park at 2 or 3 am'. What example does he set to Australia’s Muslims?

12. Supermarkets and Halal food
Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA all sell Halal food, but it is mixed up with normal food and you need to examine the label carefully to identify it as Halal. Remember that Halal usually means that the animal has been killed by cutting its throat without stunning. Coles currently has about 200 stock items labelled as Halal. This is about market share, not preserving our culture.

13. Fast Food and Halal
Many stores of KFC, Subway and McDonalds will switch to Halal only and ban pork products when the Muslim population in the area grows. This disadvantages non Muslims who either have to go without or drive further to get their favourite meal.

14. Sharia Courts
Sharia courts, if allowed, would operate in parallel to Australian Law courts as they do now in the UK. In divorce, a man only needs to say “I divorce you” three times and the woman has no say. Women are treated as being worth half a man and usually the man gets custody of the children. In inheritance, a male heir gets twice what a female heir gets. This discriminatory practise should never be allowed in Australia. In the UK now, even non Muslims are going to Sharia courts because it is quicker than British Courts. So now Britain has two parallel Legal systems and is heading for disaster. We must learn from the British experience and BAN Sharia Law in Australia.

15. Muslim Medical Oath
The constitution of the The Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association UK reveals the true nature of Islam—Religious apartheid (Muslims/non-muslims) promotion of Islam, the Islamization of medicine and the care of Muslims!
2. Objects and powers:
2.1 The objects of the association shall be:-
2.1.1. To advance the Islamic religion in the practice of medicine in the United Kingdom
2.1.2. To advance medical education in relation to the doctrines, practices and traditions of the Islamic religion.
2.1.4. To promote the preservation and protection of the good health of Muslims in the United Kingdom. So, don’t worry about all those infidels. Britain has cases of Muslims practising medicine during the day and Jihad at night. Some Muslim dentists have even demanded that women patients wear the hihab.
Australia is now following this lead and has adopted the USA Islamic Doctors oath. Many of these doctors receive all their training in infidel countries like Australia, and then can take this oath.
Frighteningly already the University of Adelaide allowed Islamic graduates to read an “Oath of a Muslim Physician” in their graduation ceremony.

Islam is slowly but surely eroding our culture and there is little complaint from our Politicians or Media.
As this is an election year, this is the perfect time to act to save our democracy, our freedoms and our way of life. It is quite probable that your local federal MP is unaware of these issues.
As a concerned citizen then, please do the following:
1)    Use this material to create your own presentation
2)    Write a letter or email documents to your federal MP
3)    Request a meeting with your MP to discuss the issues
4)    Make sure you follow up on issues raised.

THANK YOU, and may people power save Australian Culture.

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